Slow and Steady

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Nov 29, 2017

I have a regular routine of going to the rec center to EXercise with "the seniors".  Like I am not one, right?  I guess we are all working off that ham, turkey and potato salad.  I hadn't been since before the Thanksgiving holidays.  I am getting back on track.  This morning I did not want to go but I knew I had to no matter what.  Ugh!  Push Pull  Sometimes we have to push ourselves a tad in order to keep it MOVING regardless of our level of motivation .   There is a great sense of  accomplishment when we overcome the lack.  For me going is a way for me to interact with others.  When I walked in there was an announcement about the Christmas Potluck.  ugh!  I am sick of food right now.  My best friend told me I had to SIGN UP!!!!  Welcome back from the holidays and into another one. 


I did the usual calisthenics (cardio) and started my run/walk. As I was running I could see someone out of the corner of my eye behind me, my friend Kathy and her 3 yr old granddaughter Nylah trotting along.   After a lap grandma stopped running but Nylah and I kept going.  Nylah challenged me to go faster BUT I knew I  had to keep my consistent pace or I would/could not finish.   You can equate that to the process of quit smoking.   We have to keep going at a steady pace and not try to rush the process.  One day at at time.  When I am running sometimes I have to tell myself.....One step at a time.... one foot in front of the other just to keep going. The seniors sitting on the bleachers edged me on, teasing that I was letting a 3 yr old out run me.  I said she is younger than me.  I would not fall for it I knew I had to keep this consistent pace or I would be out of breath.  Sometimes we have to be a turtle to keep going no matter how slow.  It is about endurance not speed.  So endure what ever it is you have to to get where you want to go.  No matter what you are attempting. Be sure.  Be steady.  It will make it easier with less stress. BTW Nylah ran circles around me . She had more energy than I could compete with.  I had to do me, no matter what I could not go at her pace. Lesson here...Do your own thing.

We took a break, shared water, a turkey wrap. and great conversation for a 3 year old.  She asked me how did I feel.  I told her I was HOT.  She said.  "I am glad you are hot!  She responded telling me exquisitely she was "comfortable"."  Moving her arm up and down while expressing how she felt.  I am sweating and she is "comfortable."  SMH and laughing inside not knowing  what she is going to say next and not wanting to miss it.   She asked if I was tired? I told her no that I was refueling.  She sat with me and asked loads of questions.  What a nice conversation with a 3 yr old.  Then we got up and started again.  This time she ran at my pace and she stayed close imitating my movements.  We ended with stretching together.  She was so funny mocking my grunting when I stretched.  What a blast!  I was so glad to have gone to the EXercise class with "the seniors".  I got to met Nylah.  I hope she remembers me.  Some blessings come in small packages.    lol.