15 days from dessert exit

Blog Post created by Freefromnicotine on Sep 28, 2017

Stopped on 05 June 2017. 116 days without cigarettes. 14 Days from 130 days. No cheats. 14 Days on Patches. There after cold turkey. The "flat tyre" story helped me through stressful times. Non smoker has a flat tyre, gets out of the car and changes the tyre. A smoker has a flat tyre, gets out of the car and lits a cigarette, while starring at the flat tyre... Guest what? The tyre is still flat. Moral of the story. Nicotin is a horrible addiction and does not help you cope with anything. Cigarettes does not help you to cope with stress, anger, frustration or to be sociable. It help to maintain weight and I have gained weight and it is not nice, BUT you gain so much more, such as money in your pocket, savings on insurance and medical aid, 3-4 hours a day, self respect and easier breathing. Health is a problem still. Lower immunity. Struggling with bacterial infections, runny nose, sneezing and been diagnosed with 100 days cough. I smoked for 5 years (2nd attempt). Unrealistic to think that I will recover my health quickly. So from a non smoker- YOU CAN DO IT without dying in the process. Hahaha.