Get Movin' 6/18/17

Blog Post created by Diannnnn on Jun 18, 2017

Today I biked 2.17 miles in 20 minutes around 1:30p.  Wanted to keep going mentally, but the wind was brutal and I was worn out.  After I returned home, I realized that duh, I hadn't eaten anything but a Special K Nourish bar (which are like having a candy bar for breakfast) about 11am and had a Starbucks Double Shot around 10am.  How am I doing on that whole nutrition thing do ya think?


Are these weeks running Saturday-Saturday or Sunday-Sunday?  


And what did you guys do today, or am I the only one behind this week?


I Like To Move It Official Music Video - YouTube 


Just so you too can have this song stuck in your head! I know, I am too kind....you're welcome.