A New Day "Keep it Moving"

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Jun 15, 2017

A new day and a new beginning.  Everyday should be just that.  A new day, a new way, a new beginning.

I guess you all know that I am so EXcited with this new challenge thing.  jdesco311 thanks for the grand idea and bringing it to life.  Now it is very important that we keep it going or MOVING to be exact. It does not matter what you are doing, as long as you are "moving".  By the way AND whatever you can move. (Note for the Old Lady Caravan or  old lady buddies".  No offense taken.kristen-9.7.15  Me not included. lol  The challenge is within you, just like quitting smoking it is inside of us.  So let's start a new day with a new beginning.  If you can change your stinkin thinkin you can win.

FYI I did my #2 challenge for week two yesterday.  Low and behold.  I did my cardio, and my usual run walk jog and my tracker wasn't charged so I did not get the accurate count.  Uusally I do about 6500 steps doing those activities.  Anyway My # 2 Challenge is met I am going to do the #3 today.  I will update you when it happens.  

I would love for this group to continue and not fall by wayside so if anyone has any idea how to make this more user friendly or any other ideas please offer your suggestions. Mark your input is welcome.  Thanks.  I think it is important to continue to improve our lives along with being smokefree.  

Peace out.

 Let's Get Moving Challenge

Youngatheart.7.4.12, Strudel, gregp136, elvan, Thomas3.20.2010, Nancy95,Iamkfaz, jbliesmerBonnieBee.quit.2.8.15, Giulia and anybody else that wants to join. I believe this is an open group.