EX 8 Awards Update

Blog Post created by Brenda_M on Oct 9, 2020

Hey, guys,


So I know my last post was called "Last Chance," but then I thought about how this website works, and I realized that maybe I should be "at"ing everyone who has an award so they get a notification of this post.


To recap, if you want your award, please send me your address through PM or to my HOTMAIL account. 


As a reminder of how beautiful (or not) they are, here they are: 


Maki Tanuaj Dixiedarlin82 Barbara522 Bree19 RevTerrie


WEWIN meWisconsin minihorses TriGirl drreese5pg jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007


AnnetteMM, KMC56 TurboRose12Finally34 TaracaX


Taurusdagger60 Dancingthrulife_6.4.13

I will eventually have to toss them if they’re unclaimed, but I’ll give it at least a couple weeks. 


I hope to hear form at least a few of you.