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EX Weekend 2020 - Virginia Beach

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Strudel mentioned EX Weekend 2020 - Virginia Beach 2 months ago Show mention context
Haven't been around much so I though that I may have missed something.  Do we have the dates for EX 2019 decided yet?   Duh - I am referring to 2020 - just behind on the times!!!!
Hallooooooooooooooo, Liebchen!   After what felt like forever (okay, actually, it didn't feel like forever AT ALL, because it was the holidays), we have some movement here on EX8, namely, we have dates!!!   "Brenda, what took so long?"   That's a terrific question! Because the consensus seemed to be that we should aim for the Beach Music and… (Show more)
Just a reminder - only a few days left.  EX 8 - Pick the Place!    Everybody is welcome!  It really is a very special occasion when "avatars come to life."   Some here have been to all 7 reunions.  I've had the fortune to attend two of them.  It's a nourishing, fun, loving experience.  I highly recommend it!  We're all on the same team to… (Show more)
Hello, all!    The results for the poll are in, and Virginia Beach has won with 17 out of 35 votes!!!   Nashville came in second with 14, New Orleans with 2 and Cleveland with 1. Next, we will be determining when we'd like to do the meetup. Virginia Beach's prices tend to go up between Memorial Day and Labor Day, so we've been sticking with… (Show more)