Join us for EX 6.1!!

Blog Post created by Strudel on Jan 28, 2018

Each year folks who have become friends here on EX gather to meet! It is an incredible experience! This year will be the sixth time! (We started in Vegas, then Orlando, then Nashville, back to Vegas, and last year Virginia Beach - see picture).

This year the gang is going on a cruise! That's right a cruise in the Bahamas! It is happening Memorial Day weekend, 2018. The cruise leaves out of Ft. Lauderdale.

Please visit - EX Weekends 2018 - Bahamas Cruise (EX6.1) and California (EX6.2)  for further info, discussion, and be sure to FOLLOW the page/group if you are even a little bit interested! Contact me - or Michwoman if you are interested in additional info! 

(We are also still hoping that there may be an EX6.2 on the west coast organized by SkyGirl!)