EX 6 Gathering Decision

Blog Post created by Strudel on Nov 16, 2017

A CRUISE easily won as the group's choice for EX6.1. (The vote was 6 for Florida on land - vs a vote of 13 for the cruise.) 


I am thrilled that there is this much enthusiasm for the choice. However, I will be unable to attend. Due to various physical conditions, I am not interested in a cruise. 


I decided not to share these thoughts before the vote because I did not want to influence the decision. I wanted the decision to be the group's choice and I know that the cruise will be a great success!  


The good news for me is that Sky is hopefully going to put together "EX6.2" - a west coast version. I plan to attend that one - so at least I will still be able to see some of my EX friends this coming year! (I have told her I will help with that.) 


Laura (Michwoman) is our co-chair for planning EX6.1. We are looking for someone to step forward as a new co-chair to take my place. I will certainly help as much as I can. (The next step will be to select a date - that can be done with a poll and I can set that up).


Please let us know if you are planning to attend EX 6.1 and would be willing to serve as co-chair for this next EX gathering. THANKS so much!