Where do I start with quitting?

Blog Post created by julia5991 on Dec 5, 2019

This is my first post. I stole my first cigarette from my parents at age 13, and became addicted to smoking at 14 when my aunt bought me a carton of Marlboro reds (gross). At that age, smoking looked cool to me. 


It is hard now not to resent my parents for smoking around me or my aunt (now dead) for buying me that carton. I am now 24 and more addicted to nicotine than ever. After finally cutting down to only 4-5 cigarettes a day, three years ago, I was introduced by my friend to JUUL. I was shocked by how much vaping JUUL felt like smoking a cigarette; every other e-cig I tried did not feel right. I was also turned on by how discrete the device is as I have always been embarrassed of my smoking habit and tried to hide it from family and friends.


Now, I cannot go 10 minutes without a puff of JUUL. Especially while I am working or driving or watching TV, I puff on it constantly. When in a meeting or at a party where it is not acceptable, I have to go to the bathroom just to vape. (In the latter case, I can usually last 30-45 minutes, although it is very uncomfortable).


I want to quit badly, but don't know where to start. I would appreciate any advice from former heavy smokers/e-cigarette users, or others currently trying to quit who would like to support each other.