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E-Cig and Vape Quitters and Users

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Interesting article from Tobacco Control folks about which countries are most manipulated by Big Tobacco: How Countries Block Big Tobacco: No Meetings, No Gifts And Other Strategies : Goats and Soda : NPR    I find it interesting that the UK is rated the best and the US is in the top ten worst in terms of resisting control from Big Tobacco.… (Show more)
The beginning is usually the best place to start. I bought my first vape pen about three years ago, having convinced myself it would be a good way to quit smoking cigarettes. It was! Within a month, my lungs felt better. I could hike again without feeling like my lungs were going to explode. It felt like a big win. It all went according to plan… (Show more)
Hi All, I am new to this group . I am hoping to hear from Ex Vapers , soon to be or struggling to be ex vapers ! Sooooo I thought when I quit smoking cigarettes and only juuled , I was no longer a “ smoker “! I thought vaping was the answer to my prayers . No more smell, hiding , cronic sinus infections , could Juul indoors with my tea in the… (Show more)
I quit weed for 9 months, came back to vaping nic for three months   I quit nic for three months, came back to nic for a few weeks   Quit for a month, came back for a week   Quit for 3 weeks, now Ive been back for two days.   My dad is severely addicted to vaping and it's all over the house. My brother does it, his friends do it, my friend… (Show more)
In 30 minutes I will hit 25 days JUUL free.  This will be officially, and exponentially the longest I have gone without "smoking" (using to encompass my history with cigarettes and vaping) in my life.  While I want to swell with pride at this accomplishment, that emotion has been clouded by the other extreme emotions I have felt as part of this… (Show more)
I've never heard anyone on this site (during the 12 years I've been here), ever describe what the transition from smoking to vaping was like.  Most just usually say I smoked and then vaped and the cravings are the same or worse or whatever.   But nobody has ever described what it felt like to go from buying a pack of cigarettes and lighting up,… (Show more)
I have tried before but I don’t know how to quit.
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