Blog Post created by indingrl on Jan 23, 2021

MONEY that I would have spent on MY DRUG OF CHOICE  NICOTINE in MY past using days and just for TODAY -  MY husband and I spent the money on  paying off debt and living day by day and  - it is ONLY by - MY Daddy Gods grace - TODAY - 3670 DAYS of living as a NON SMOKER - no matter what life on lifes terms throws at ME - I will continue to PRAY and enjoying the EXtra 3 YEARS and 10 MONTHS - given by MY Lord Jesus and continue to thank Him for MY NEW LIFE SAVED  -  by NOT sucking down 183,500 DEATH STICKS - just for TODAY and ONLY by MY Daddy Gods - AMAZING -  grace and love and tender mercies - which are - NEW every morning in MY Lord Jesus name amen


AWWWWW YEAH -  to receive these birthday gift pjs from MY daughter and grandson and coco -  their fur baby - all the way from Florida and it SOOOOO awesome to be blessed with a NEW DAY -  to be NICOTINE FREE in MY Lord Jesus name and in His finished work on the Cross and VICTORY for ME - get a bible and READ FOR YOUR self - in 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1- 4 -  offered freely in His Grace to -  ALL humans in this WHOLE world - just read YOUR bible for YOUR self - and believe in YOUR heart for YOURself -  what YOU -  just read for Eternal Salvation in the Gospel of Grace 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1- 4 - and just take it by FAITH plus nothing - MY Lord Jesus did -  ALL the work on the Cross - it is by grace that I am eternally saved- I believe in MY own heart that -  MY Lord Jesus died for ME was buried for ME and rose again for ME personal - by taking MY Daddy God at His Word and believing in MY heart of MY own FREE will - it is as simple as that an 8 year old will understand it


in MY Lord Jesus name - I am washed in the watering of MY Daddy Gods Word by MY Holy Spirit in ME doing ALL the inner and outer work in ME - for living as a NON SMOKER just for TODAY and learning MORE every - DAY - to share in HIS love the HOPE given here to ALL -  in service and His love to HELP each other - STAY NICOTINE FREE - Yahooooooo and HOORAY FOR MY Lord Jesus