Please can i get some help?

Blog Post created by Cummimel000 on Nov 6, 2018

Good morning! I'm not one to normally post on social media but I think I need to in this case because I just dont want to mess this up so here goes it. I'm at the start of day 6 of not smoking however I am using the nicorette gum to help with the withdrawals. My biggest problem is trying to find distractions. I am normally a very active person but I've been having lower back issues since mid August. I had to have 2 cortisol injections last week and they told me I could resume normal activity after a day and over the weekend I screwed my back up by doing some raking in my yard and now I'm back on bed rest. I have no idea when my back will be better, right now it seems endless. I've been reading, watching tv, playing on my phone, etc but the days just got suddenly very long without being able to move around. I know now after reading so many articles of people who have quit that going back to smoking will not suddenly "fix" my back and I dont want to go back to smoking but how the heck can I make the days shorter if being mobile is not an option?