New Day, New Way, 7/3/18

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Jul 3, 2018

Making Decisions 

Have you ever chosen a certain path, only to find yourself regretting that decision later?  I have. Life consists of a series of choices, some as small as what to eat for dinner, and others with eternal impact. Including the decisions on what to share.  Facing these crossroads can seem overwhelming, but Scripture offers guidelines to give us confidence and direction.  Therefore, when decisions are imminent, we should keep the following in mind: 

First, God promises wisdom to His children who ask with faith. James 1:5-6 Remember, His Spirit resides within believers and is available for guidance. When we try to weigh the pros and cons ourselves, we miss out on the magnificent help from the all-knowing One.

Second, we should study the Bible, asking God to open our eyes to His truth and His way. The Lord promises that His Word never returns void  Isa.55:11 If we meditate on His Word He will bring the truth to our minds at the appropriate time. Amen

 Third, we are wise to be aware of our mental state as we approach decisions. The acronym “H.A.L.T.” stands for hungry, angry, lonely, and tired—four states in which we will likely make poor choices. When considering options, it is well worth waiting for a better time.

Our choices determine our direction, so consider carefully how you make decisions. Scripture is clear that we see dimly (1 Cor. 13:12); God alone views the whole picture. It is vital, therefore, to rely upon His wisdom, truth, and direction every time we select an option before us and make decisions God's way.

Psalm 119:105  Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

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