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80 Days Today!

Posted by Hannahkim12345 Jan 23, 2021

 I truly believe that with God’s help all things are possible. When I look back at my life, I wonder how I survived some of those hardships. It certainly wasn’t because I was particularly smart or strong. I see God’s hands through it all. At that time, sometimes, I thought “this is the worst thing that can happen!” But years later, it turned out to be the best thing. As Christians, we have learned God’s way is the best way and when tough times come upon us, we faithfully trust that God will see us through. My quit has also been God’s will. I prayed about it for almost two years. I though it would never happen. I was just not strong enough. I, deep in my soul, didn’t want to give it up. I continued to pray asking God to change my heart. God changed my heart and now I have 80 days today! Praise God! 



Posted by indingrl Jan 23, 2021

MONEY that I would have spent on MY DRUG OF CHOICE  NICOTINE in MY past using days and just for TODAY -  MY husband and I spent the money on  paying off debt and living day by day and  - it is ONLY by - MY Daddy Gods grace - TODAY - 3670 DAYS of living as a NON SMOKER - no matter what life on lifes terms throws at ME - I will continue to PRAY and enjoying the EXtra 3 YEARS and 10 MONTHS - given by MY Lord Jesus and continue to thank Him for MY NEW LIFE SAVED  -  by NOT sucking down 183,500 DEATH STICKS - just for TODAY and ONLY by MY Daddy Gods - AMAZING -  grace and love and tender mercies - which are - NEW every morning in MY Lord Jesus name amen


AWWWWW YEAH -  to receive these birthday gift pjs from MY daughter and grandson and coco -  their fur baby - all the way from Florida and it SOOOOO awesome to be blessed with a NEW DAY -  to be NICOTINE FREE in MY Lord Jesus name and in His finished work on the Cross and VICTORY for ME - get a bible and READ FOR YOUR self - in 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1- 4 -  offered freely in His Grace to -  ALL humans in this WHOLE world - just read YOUR bible for YOUR self - and believe in YOUR heart for YOURself -  what YOU -  just read for Eternal Salvation in the Gospel of Grace 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1- 4 - and just take it by FAITH plus nothing - MY Lord Jesus did -  ALL the work on the Cross - it is by grace that I am eternally saved- I believe in MY own heart that -  MY Lord Jesus died for ME was buried for ME and rose again for ME personal - by taking MY Daddy God at His Word and believing in MY heart of MY own FREE will - it is as simple as that an 8 year old will understand it


in MY Lord Jesus name - I am washed in the watering of MY Daddy Gods Word by MY Holy Spirit in ME doing ALL the inner and outer work in ME - for living as a NON SMOKER just for TODAY and learning MORE every - DAY - to share in HIS love the HOPE given here to ALL -  in service and His love to HELP each other - STAY NICOTINE FREE - Yahooooooo and HOORAY FOR MY Lord Jesus


Life is tough and so are we!

Posted by MarilynH Jan 17, 2021

We can and must conquer lifes stressors one stress at a time or several all at once if that's what needs to be done we can and will get through it with our precious quits in tact it's a MUST if we EXpect to remain Smokefree thankfully with commitment and perseverance it's absolutely Doable! I'd like to wish our very own friend and fellow EXer and most definetly EXtended family our  beautiful Diane Joy indingrl a very happy 64th birthday, you are a true inspiration for all of us here at Ex and you are most definetly a kindred spirit thank you for being you sweet Diane Joy.

All of us can and MUST stick with N.O.P.E ~ Not One Puff Ever and Vigilance ~ N.M.W ~ No Matter What ~ because there's no other way to reap the benefits of living a Smokefree Life....

It takes time to get through the roller coaster ride from the withdrawals and moodswings and lack of sleep BUT boy oh boy it's worth it once you get to that good place in your quit! 



Posted by indingrl Jan 17, 2021


I am thank MY Daddy God and Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit for letting ME live this long - MY story is this FACT at age 14 - I swollowed 100 aspirin because I couldn't take being raped from age 6 by MY dad - long story short - I chose to accept Gods grace and believe in MY heart - 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1- 4 - Romans chapter 10 verses 9-10 - FREE gift of eternal Salvation in MY Lord Jesus name amen


Please don't take MY word on it just read in the bible for YOURSELF and believe in your OWN heart and take God at His Word He said it


I am NEW INSIDE the FACT is ONLY by His grace

I am 64 YEARS YOUNG TODAY in MY Lord Jesus name amen


I thank MY Daddy God for this support group for 10 YEARS - I been coming in His love and service to TRY to pass on His HOPE given to ME by those STAYING NON SMOKERS enjoy life on lifes term's - ONE MOMENT at a time - thank you EVERYBODY


MY Holy Comforter KEEPS ME focused on this day ONLY to enjoy and just breath in and our MY MOMENTS fully present just for TODAY in His love and joy and peace beyond all understanding as MY ma is dying in hospice since June 19th 2021 - I would call her on MY birthday to hear her tell ME MY birthday DAY story  - WE lived on the NATIVE AMERICAN side of town in Sisseton South Dakota and MY Ma and grandma were walking to the NATIVE AMERICAN hospital only MY Ma said she couldn't walk anymore so they stopped at police station and the police drove them to the hospital - MY ma said it was SNOWING AND VERY FREEZING the DAY I WAS BORN and the doctors HAD to pull  ME out with forceps - MY ma says - YOU almost killed ME - WE would laugh out loud and Ma said she baked ME a cake and that she would eat a piece and she said she LOVED ME very much


MY Lord Jesus carries ME and MY Holy Spirit comforts ME and ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace

I will enjoy MY 64TH bday living as a JOY filled NON SMOKER - just for TODAY



MOMENTS just passing by 

Posted by indingrl Jan 16, 2021

MOMENTS just passing by - I don't even think of smoking - I think of prayer in MY MOMENTS that are just passing into the next MOMENT and thoughts of family - then MOMENTS passing to focus to find a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle I am working on



next MOMENTS I get a phone call from MY sister from OUR Tuesday bible group and we chit chat Scriptures  and OUR individual intimate relationship with OUR Lord Jesus and OUR Daddy God and how OUR Holy Comforter works in us individually to receive MORE of His Holy Spirit fruits and then we end chit chatting and say I love you and stay safe and goodbye - the next MOMENT hubby returns from errands and has his game snacks ready and goes to his buddy's for the PACKER game this day


I have been here off and on in between MY MOMENTS - and prayers lifted through out MOMENTS - for MY ma and MY bff taking care of her mom in hospice-  it was a ROUGH morning for HER and her mom - next MOMENTS -  I prayed to blog - I NEED TO JUST SHARE MY GRIEF -  because in these precious MOMENTS of MY day - I see passing by -  I wanted to share MY feelings that are ALL over TODAY - I cried when I needed to and I over ate on the sweets today and I sent love texts out to others to keep ME off the pity pot and I just keep putting one foot in front of the other - I am SOOOOO over filled with PEACE - and the NEXT MOMENT - I am trying to create chaos when there is NO NEED for past behavior - just  because -  I am NOT handling MY feelings of ma and ME memories that are actively REMEMBERED in now MOMENTS and it starts from childhood all the way to the phone call from her last week - the next MOMENT-  I chose to listen to the music she LOVED and danced to some and let other songs fill MY HEART MOMENTS with tears and then I would eat again a bite of this and a bite of that - then the next MOMENT -  a reminder that - ALL these moments in MY PAST - I would have sucked down  50 DEATH STICKS in these MOMENTS - IN MY PAST USING MY DRUG NICOTINE TO COPE!!!


TODAY January 16 - 2021 -  its a   n.o.p.e. MOMENT day and - I did enjoy the extra sweets and I am grateful I have NOT used any of MY precious MOMENTS to give up and SUCK ON DEATH STICKS. - I thanked MY Daddy God and Lord Jesus and MIghty Holy Comforter for this support site to BLOG and STAY A NON SMOKER in MOMENTS of MY reality



Please help ME Lord Jesus to stop over eating it will NOT change MY ma HOSPICE in MY Lord Jesus name amen



Posted by indingrl Jan 14, 2021

I remembered in MY PAST using MY favorite DRUG NICOTINE

I remember - when I walked into a room and that room was filled with SMOKE from EVERYBODY'S cigarettes - I LOVED it - I thought ahhhhhh -  I am home - I can SMOKE as much as I WANT and NO one will be complaining of MY smoking bothering their EYES - this was MY OLD MINDSET


Yesteday maintenance came and sprayed painted the tub - he had the door shut and then opened it when he needed tools for the job - after about 1 hour - I received a phone call from the apartment office - she said IF the fumes start to bother YOU just open the windows - I said they are not bothering ME so far - she said ok - and to call her when the man leaves - then after 15 minutes - MY EYES really starting HURTING - so I turned heat off and OPENED the windows  - I had to open up the bedroom window and the patio door and set the fan in front of patio screen door with the fan blowing out - it was 37 degrees - a pleasant chill in air - then I prayed for MY EYES  and about 1 hour and 45 minutes later the apartment was - SMELLING FRESH - I called office to let them know he left at 11:15am - she said thank you - I reported the fumes hurting MY EYES - told her windows open and HOW long was I to do this and I said it is COLD out - the heats off - I don't want a HUGE electric bill - she said until YOU think the fumes are GONE - I said ok bye - I also noticed MY voice getting loud and louder as I spoke - then I prayed again - long story short - MY EYES are LESS painful TODAY and the tub is beautiful - TODAY Thursday  - is drying TIME for tub - 1 day the painter said NO USE - and we may shower FRIDAY morning - 1 day - NO shower - yet MY husband and I remembered in OUR childhood - we were taught HOW to take BIRD baths - laughing - he had to take one in the kitchen -WE laughed at those special memories -  NOW that is a whole NEW episode in MY non smoker lifestyle






Please take care of your EYES



MY EYES and HEART mind is set on Christ Jesus MY Lord and His WILL for ME - remaining and STAYING a non smoker enjoying MY 16 hours - just for TODAY with HEALTHY SMOKE FREE EYES- PTL


in MY Lord Jesus name amen



Posted by indingrl Jan 13, 2021

TO EVERYBODY and please remember YOU choose YOUR OWN day - I believe in YOU and a GOOD DAY is MY HOPE for EVERYBODY - just for TODAY in MY Lord Jesus name a GOOD n.o.p.e. day - amen



Posted by indingrl Jan 12, 2021


I couldn't WAIT until I had 1 day NOT smoking

Then I couldn't WAIT until 30 days of NOT smoking

WAIT is what I was living while reading about nicotine and ALL its consequences


NOW I can't WAIT until MY NEXT anniversary to praise MY Daddy God for HIS grace and love and tender mercies on ME

WAITING seems to ME

WAITING is a gift that ALLOWS ME - time to STOP and pray for others - because I was awoke THIS morning at 230am to PRAY for others so I obey in MY Lord Jesus name amen




Posted by indingrl Jan 11, 2021

Guess what WE get to DO today?


IF YOU choose -  its ALL your CHOICE


Just for TODAY

This next 16 hours for ME - MY bedtime is 8pm - I get up at 430am and sometimes I sleep LATE - I get up at 520am


Just for TODAY

I will choose to pray and let love and joy and peace lead MY actions as I live as a non smoker enjoying life ONE moment at a time  and TRY to be pleasant to EVERYBODY in MY Lord Jesus name amen


 WHY would - ANYBODY - want what I have - IF I act like the OLD is written -  I am a new creation ......... amen


MY ACTIONS speak louder than MY words

People may NOT hear MY words - they DO see MY ACTIONS


To EVERYBODY in MY Lord Jesus name amen



Posted by indingrl Jan 6, 2021

ALL glory and honor and praise GOES to MY Daddy God and MY Lord Jesus and MY Holy Conforter - please I am talking about ME not YOU or anybody else

The greatest gift OFFERED FREE to the whole human race is the FREE GIFT OF ETERNAL SALVATION - in the bible just read for yourself and believe for yourself in your heart what YOU just read in - 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1- 4 The Gospel of Grace MY Apostle Paul taught by MY ASCENDED Lord Jesus

Just take God at HIS Word - HE said it - just believe it in - YOUR OWN HEART- just for YOU - it is that simple

that is it called FAITH plus nothing for ETERNAL SALVATION - FREE GIFT OF LOVE FROM GOD - to ALL humans in this WHOLE WORLD  - MY Lord Jesus said .....It is finished - HE did ALL that needed to be done for ETERNAL SALVATION

It is ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace TODAY

















Thanks for letting ME celebrate and share MY recovering ONE day at a time with MY Smoking Is Not An Option family members



Posted by indingrl Dec 31, 2020

 I want to thank EVERBODY who is counting down with ME and also for taking TIME and praying for MY family and OUR mother's TODAY - AT 3:57AM -  I woke up and prayed for OUR mother's - MY husband mom - Dorothy is in the hospital with covid19 at 97yr -  her 3rd hospitalization from covid19 - MY best friend since 7th grade - Debbie - her mom Rosemary is in hospice eating and drinking less and blind and suffering from severe arthritis age 97yr - and MY mama Florine at age 88yr is suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis in HOSPICE - since June 19th 2020 - 6 MONTHS in hospice on December 19th 2020 

I sincerely thank EVERYBODY who has prayed for MY family and these mother's -  as aging and illnesses have their ways in EACH of these loving persons WHO are known intimately by MY Daddy's Gods in His grace and love and tender mercies NEW each DAY in OUR Lord Jesus name amen - that s OUR belief in OUR Daddy Gods Holy Word - God said it and WE believe HIM and take HIM at His Word

Thank you again EVERYBODY - WE appreciate ALL of you in OUR Lord Jesus name amen - HOORAY FOR MY LORD JESUS VICTORY IN ME TO ETERNITY- Yahoooooooooo soon and very soon WE will see OUR Lord Jesus


Bittersweet counting TODAY 

Posted by indingrl Dec 30, 2020

Update on MY Mama she has chosen NOT to eat or drink TODAY and she is MORE confused and sleeps MORE -  YET -  MY day will go on and please I am talking about ME -  not YOU or ANYBODY else - thank you - I received the updated text at 5am TODAY - which is MY counting down 7TH DAY until MY Lord Jesus blesses ME - NOT YET - I am EXcited -  YET - it is BITTERSWEET -  because of MY mama is getting closer to DEATH - YET - I know for a FACT - absolutely NOTHING will happen to MY mama with OUR Daddy God and OUR Lord Jesus and OUR Mighty Holy Spirit God in US having MY mama's outcome in THEIR LOVE in MY Lord Jesus name HOORAY FOR MY LORD JESUS FINISHED WORK ON HIS CROSS FOR Mama amen

I choose to STAND in MY Daddy Gods Word - MY Lord Jesus HIMSELF in ME by HIS FAITH in ME and MY Precious Holy Comforter WASHING ME IN CHRIST JESUS - WHO IS THE WORD OF GOD - MY ASCENDED Lord Jesus spoke to MY Apostle Paul and I believe Gods Holy Word and declare it for ME and I claim it for ME and MY Holy Spirit in ME does ALL the work INSIDE of ME for Christ Jesus who is MY Savior and Lord - for HIS Glory on earth by the HS fruits MORE abundant in ME day by day in MY Lord Jesus name amen 

For Mama for OUR Lords tender mercies on MY mama now to go to HEAVEN and suffer NO MORE and to instantly be with OUR Lord Jesus it is written ....absent from this body present with the Lord MY Lord Jesus name I ask and pray amen

SMOKING IS NOT AN OPTION NO MATTER WHAT MY Lord Jesus outcome for MY mama and thanks for taking the time to read the WHOLE blog of MY breaking heart count down



Posted by indingrl Dec 29, 2020



I am praising and thanking MY Daddy God continuously for making ME new in MY Lord Jesus by MY Holy Comforter DOING all the inner and outer CHANGES in ME by MY Lord Jesus FAITH in ME in MY Lord Jesus name amen


12- 28- 20 

Posted by indingrl Dec 28, 2020

I am sooooooop EXcited and YES COUNTING DOWN to MY Lord Jesus and MY day - Yahoooooooooo - HE is MY ONLY HOPE in Him I am COUNTING ON in MY Lord Jesus name amen



Posted by Maki Nov 26, 2020





           Shout and sing for joy that you are free from cigarettes .

           Put your hand on your heart and give thanks .