1,056 Days: I'm in the Quad Squad!

Blog Post created by ShyButterfly95 on Jul 26, 2020

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It's official! I've earned my comma and am quickly nearing my 3 year mark. Here's a little comment that I am cross-posting from the Quad Squad thread.


"...It's been a while since I've been on EX but I decided to hop on, and while the site was loading I quickly calculated how many days it's been since my quit date. I was surprised to see it had been 1,056! I'm so happy to not be a smoker or vaper anymore. I ended up pursuing a career as a CNA and smokers were not allowed at clinicals or at the jobs I have worked at subsequently. So if I were still just as hooked on nicotine when I took my class just over a year ago, I don't think I would have made it, or I would have been forced to quit against my will - and that sort of thing never worked for me; it just made me feel bitter about quitting.


I also am now a part of a Tae Kwon Do school as a brand new white belt and am in my second year of Irish dance. Both but especially the latter would have been impossible if I had continued to smoke and vape and coat my lungs in all that crap. I am happy to be a part of these activities because I missed out on such opportunities as a kid but I can say that it is NEVER TOO LATE! It's never too late to start something new, and it's never too late to quit something old (like smoking). My fiance is also so proud of me since he hated being around me when I had to smoke or vape (he's allergic to nicotine) and hated the way my breath and clothes and hair smelled. I used to steal money from my parents for cigarettes when I was desperate and unemployed, but not anymore. They also used to fund my vaping habit which I feel really guilty about now.


Not to mention everything going on with the COVID-19 pandemic, if I were still inhaling all that poison today, I might have been in a more dangerous place if I were to catch the virus even after smoking for "only" 6 years.


1,000 days and about $7,000 saved. That was a sweet, sweet feeling; having my first paycheck that I didn't spend a dime on cigarettes or vaping supplies! 1,000 days and nearing 3 years of FREEDOM! I can't remember what I treated myself to, but I know I felt so proud of myself.


Happy Quitting, everyone!! Hope everyone is well and healthy and happy! -Kaylee"


You can quit! Now more than ever! If you want it, you got it! It might take a couple tries. It might take ten tries or twenty or more. But you can do it, I swear! You can live without that vice, you can survive the withdrawals, you can find the method that works for you, you can find what inspires and motivates you to quit. I believe in you!