The Focus

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Jul 30, 2019

~~One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain.~~  Rick Godwin


Hmmmm….let's think about this for a moment.  People resist change because they focus on what they have to give up.  Logically, you aren't giving up anything good when you quit smoking, right?  You're giving up a chance of dying.  You're giving up polluting your lungs.  You're giving up polluting other people's lungs with second hand smoke.  You're giving up money that could be better used elsewhere.  You are giving up an addiction that takes over your life each and every day.


But that addiction is strong.  So you focus on "How am I going to live without smoking?"   "How am I going to handle my emotions?"  "How I am going to get through my morning?"  "How am I going to handle stress?"  "How am I going to transition from one task to another?"  "How am I going to function without one?"


Every thought like that is simply your addiction keeping you smoking.  That's all.  And you's a lie.  Millions of people function without smoking.  Millions handle stress without smoking.  Millions....quit smoking!!  So if they can, there is no logical reason why you can't.


But your addiction will lie to you.  Weave little doubts in your mind about your ability to function without a smoke.  It will trigger your brain to make you feel so bad that you finally give in and light up.  It will hunt down all your will uncover all your secret will use anything and everything it can use to keep you hooked.


And if you focus on those things, you will remain hooked.  It's time to let go instead.  It's time to let go thinking that quitting is anything less than glorious!  It's time to let go of believing that you are anything less than capable!  It's time to let go of doubting yourself or your abilities.  


It's time to turn to change.  All you will be gaining from your quit.  Starting with your own self-respect.  Sense of pride and ownership over your life.  The admiration of family and friends.  Health...even if it just stopping yourself from doing further damage.  Happiness.  Control.  Money.  Time.  Sense of smell and taste and even feeling.  


In short, there is nothing to lose when you quit smoking and EVERYTHING to gain.  So quiet that addictive voice in your head.  Ignore it.  Laugh at it.  Or be its friend and say gently that it's not your boss anymore so it's time to go.  Because you know what?  Addiction is only as strong as you allow it to be.  It's a thought pattern, not a life sentence.  And thought patterns can be changed, no matter how strong they are.   That's called change.