Another milestone achieved

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Mar 2, 2017

Well, tomorrow I have finally made it to 400 days.  A year and a month and a half, give or take.  I have to thank each and every one of you on here for helping me get here and helping me stay quit.  I'm on the fence at this point of whether I'm going to stick around.  It has nothing to do with the site or most of the people on here.  There's just a certain atmosphere as of late that I don't agree with.  


We came from a very small narrowly focused platform/program/site which basically allowed you to blog and write on message boards, but that's how we kept in touch with each other so closely.  Then we were unleashed out in a huge space where we can organize our writings into specific categories to help people find what they want more information about.  For instance, Thomas's blogs about COPD can now be organized by the subject matter, but yet still shown on his profile under content as still his blog.  As more and more people get the hang of this site, more of the group sections on here will be populated with a plethora of articles to read which we can learn from.  We can still see everyone's blogs and discussions from the home page by clicking on the Latest Updates.  We can sort (filter) by date created: newest first or latest activity newest first, whichever you prefer.  We can still comment on something that interests us.  We can read the item and use our back button on the toolbar and go back to where we were.  We no longer have timed out sessions, losing things that we spent hours typing out, editing, revamping.  We can now write really big or in different colors.  Posting pictures is so much easier now.  


We lost a few things but gained quite a bit.  We can find new members by sorting by date joined, newest first as we did on the old site.  I know every time I moved to a new house, it took a while for me to set settled in and get things all into their right spots, where I wanted them to be.  Eventually I got settled in and it became my home again.  I'm starting to settle in here.  Yes, I too miss the old site and the old ways and the close knit community we had.  But that platform was archaic and probably wouldn't have survived.  I was reading some old blogs from back in about 2011 when there must have been an upgrade then and how much adjusting had to go on at that time too.  There was a lot of tension and uneasiness.  Sometimes by not understanding something fully makes one jump to hasty decisions or reactions. 


So in closing, take a deep breath, find your rhythm again. There's so many people that are finding their way around and discovering new things every single day.  I learned the most by using Community Help.  Just snooping around and reading.  Playing with what does what and where does it land.  The EX team and Mark have been working very hard to get tutorials up.  If you need help with something and you can't seem to make heads or tails out of it, then post a question or feel free to contact me.  If I can't get you to where you need to be, I'll ship you off to someone else that can.  Just remember we're all in this together.  Together we shall rise !!!!!