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Happy but Sad!

Posted by Sandy-9-17-17 Jul 30, 2018

I had a heads up phone call last night, and it made me feel rather sad, but still happy to be heading off to Florida for a trip I earned from not smoking and saving over $1,600 this coming weekend.

My ex sister in law, let's just call her my sister, as she was so much more my sister then my brother who mistreated her when they were together....called me to give me the heads up on her now spouse!  Here I am bragging to her that I quit smoking, and she calls to tell me that he has been struggling and has now taken up smoking!  She was calling to give me the heads up as she doesn't want me to be in shock when I get there.  And I would have been, because I have never known him to smoke.  Well, I learned that he is like me when I was a smoker, he is considerate, and walks away as he doesn't want anyone who does not smoke to have to smell it.  I know that I will be fine, smoking is not an option for me, not now or ever!  But I feel for him, and will always hope he finds his way back to being a non smoker!  

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