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Talk the Talk

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jun 4, 2018

The constant #1 question in our mind when we first quit is how long will the thought of smoking last. Sometimes the thoughts can be so strong you can actually see and feel that little man on the shoulder.  I know I did.  I had to knock him off a couple of times.  Literally.   When is this going to end?  Some sooner than others but the constant pull can be agonizing.  I was amazed how the addictive brain can really pull to make you think you have to have a cigarette.  I use to tell myself that every day 10 times a day for over 40 years, so that thought was ingrained until I learned to reprogram it.  I learned to debunk that thought by using self-talk.  Often I would tell myself  "no I do not need or have to have a cigarette".  Committing and making a vow to not touch another cigarette will help.  When you take the option to smoke off the table you obligate yourself to do something other than smoke when the urge comes.  It is not easy but it can be done if you plan and prepare to protect your quit. 

You will often hear "this too shall pass".  In order for it to pass you have to be willing to get through it  by any means necessary.  If you have to scream...SCREAM!!!   We are no different from any other drug addict going through withdrawal.  Say NO! out loud. Holler if you have to get through it.   Are you going to talk the talk so you can walk the walk.   Create your own mantra that you can relate to.  Mine was "not in my hands, not on my lips, not on my tongue, not in my lungs, not in my throat, I will not choke".  I had my mind made up. I was not turning back. Tell yourself Yes I can, Stop saying and thinking I can't.  If necessary change the people, places, and things. 

A wise elder once told me not to be "too" confident in the quit.  It is great to be confident but don’t become complacent and think that you are not vulnerable.  Stay connected.  If you have a problem, come here first.  Be willing to take some advice before you relapse.  Be persistent, determined to persevere, no matter what NOPE. Not one puff ever.  Don’t be tricked by that little guy on the shoulder telling you that "just one" is okay.  One puff will do you IN and END a perfect quit.  Quitting is the easy part.  Staying quit is the work.  Use self-talk, it works.  

I have been working on this recipe for 764 days.  You would think by now it is perfect but I truly beg to differ.  From my experience quit smoking recipes require occasional tweaking in order to remain forever quit.Image result for cooking utensils

 Disclaimer:  Please be aware there are other recipes but this is one that has worked for me. It is general to avoid a lengthy blog some obvious steps may not be included.  Please note that some ingredients are main and others optional.


My recipe is divided into parts: I call them the P’s and not “peas”. Planning,   Preparing,  Practicing,  Perseverance,  and  Protection.

 Planning- Main ingredient Join a support group Set a date, follow the site guidelines Create your own quit kit (sample below)  NRT’s   Meds etc. (optional)


Preparing- Main ingredient

Education is the key to a successful quit. 

Learn about nicotine addiction.    

Suggested reading material is VERY important for preparation.

Read-Study-Research Relentlessly.   and

Read   Allen Carr’s book, “Easy Way to Quit Smoking”.       


Practice- Main ingredient

            Practice reprogramming your mind that you do not have to smoke.  

            Unwash the brain washing. That you have not loss a thing. Relearn your thinking about smoking. 

            Self-Talk, can take you very far in making a forever quit.  Tell yourself that

            “You don’t do that anymore”. 

            Every time the thought of smoking comes say to yourself “I am non-smoker” and   
            Start “believing it!”

            Develop your own mantras  

            Change the lies your addictive brain has been taught.

            Stay close to the site as much as possible.

            Bookend your days here.

Perseverance- Main ingredient

Willingness to do whatever it takes not to smoke.  No Matter What!  When! Where! Who! or How difficult it may be. NOPE (Not One Puff Ever) Neither Life, Death, Divorce, Sickness, Hunger, Lonely, Tired, Angry Weight gain

NO EXcuses.                        

 Add:  Ingredients that can only come from you. 

Commitment, Determination, a Made up Mind.  Believe with all your Heart, Mind, Body, Soul and Might that YES you can do this because this is your recipe for a forever quit.


Protecting- Main Ingredient.

Now this is where the real work begins, protecting.  Do not become complacent and not guard your quit. Take all the tools and skills you have learned and keep them on the forefront to “use” whenever necessary.   Have a network of friends that you can talk to about smoking. Even though it is a choice, for me, I never allow smoking to be an option.  SINAO smoking is not an option.  Do something else. Choose freedom. Come here, blog ask for help BEFORE you smoke. Hang tough, Stay close, be mindful of what is going on around you and with you.  Don’t ever give up and never give in.


Example of quit kit

A list of why you quit

Book to read

Chrystal light

Cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon toothpicks you can find these on

Coloring Books

Deep breathing

Emails of people that are supportive

Exercise videos

Fresh Fruit

Frozen grapes



Hobby have a hobby to keep you distracted

Ice chips

Lemon bit into it  (I think this one is from Dale what he tells people to do)

Links to a funny video to get you into a good mood




NRT gum

Other web sites you can find your friends at for support

Phone numbers of someone supportive

Puzzle book

Raw Vegetables

Red hots


Sunflower seeds

Tic tac

Tooth picks

Vicks vapor rub put a little bit under your nose during craves

Water bottle to keep with you all times



I tried everything

Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Jan 20, 2016

As it gets closer to my 365th day quit I have been reflecting quite a lot.   I enjoy this site and the friendships that have been nurtured.  I am inspired by both the new and the old members.  Thoughts come to mind from where I started and to the now of this nonsmoking freedom of life journey.  I do know the best is yet to come in this and other aspects of my life.  

 Before quitting, my addiction was always telling me that I “wanted or needed a cigarette”.  In fact, nicotine told me that lie at least 10 times a day, 7 days a week give or take a few cigarettes for over forty years.  Calculate the effect of your brain being told that for so long.  More importantly, imagine what it takes to replace those thoughts in your new nonsmoking daily life.   Some may dispute it but it took me, one day at a time, sometimes moments, hours, seconds, or the length of an urge.  Along with the time, it took determination, with an in your own face; I am not going to smoke no matter what attitude.  This is my quit and I was/am not going to allow anything, anyone, no thought, no urge, and no addiction to cause me to fail.  This may sound easy but at times it is not.  First, I had to relearn my thinking.  I had to listen to the advice of the elders.  I leaned on my friends here for support and vice versa.  I put my trust in God and prayed learning that with a willing spirit I would make it through.

 I focused on learning, reading, studying, researching. blogging,  making friends,  commenting, and having fun.  I left no room for failure.  When Nancy gave me the link to Allen Carr’s book, it took me less than a night to read it.  Then I purchased my own updated copy to make sure I had it all.  There were days that my eyes were so tired, red, gritty that I would literally have to take a break to recover.  No NRT’s but I had them available if needed.  I used Wellbutrin for a very short period of time.  MY MIND WAS MADE UP.  TURNING BACK WAS NOT MY FUTURE.  I developed my own mantra SINAO...smoking is not an option The other day while reflecting I had this epiphany.

I tried everything to quit but it did not work until I tried myself.

This statement is so huge yet hard to explain to someone new.  To someone who has just begun this journey let go of all the excuses and apply yourself it is "doable".... 360 DOF. God bless.    

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