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~~You will see me struggle but you will never see me quit.~~  Unknown

You aren't going to find your quit here.  You will find suggestions, advice, encouragement, tips, hints, and information.  But you won't find your quit here.

You aren't going to find your quit in an NRT.  No patch has the answer for you.  No gum takes the challenge from you.

Your quit is within you.  Seriously.  Take time away from the internet, away from well-intentioned friends, away from all the information on why quitting is necessary and good and do-able.

Take time to look within.  Are you willing to stop believing you will fail?  Do you know that quitting is entirely possible AND that you can do it?  Can you acknowledge that it is time to stop setting yourself up to fail and just do it, come hell or high water?  Most importantly, are you willing to undergo anything....absolutely anything....rather than pick up another cigarette?

Because those who are serious about quitting no matter what, will quit.  Those who give themselves an out by doubting themselves, by being worried about failing, by wondering if they are ready, usually don't.

You see, the quit isn't in the NRTs, although they can certainly help the craves.  The quit isn't in the support, although support while quitting can inspire and motivate.  The quit isn't even in this site, although this site is the absolute BEST for information, knowledge, support, and wisdom.

The quit, my friend, is in you.  Only you.  And if you succeed, it's because you wanted to.  And if you return to smoking, it's because you wanted to.  Not something you want to hear, I know.  It's not the stress and it's not the pain and it's not the loss you suffered that returns you to cigarettes, it's you.

So take smoking off the table.  Once you quit, KNOW in your heart that you will matter what....ever pick up another one.  It's there in you where you'll find your quit.  It's through your strength, your commitment, your courage that you will keep your quit.

The NRTs, the EX site, the friendships.....are all for maintaining what you already have inside you.  You are the foundation of your quit.  Know that.  Because once you do, you will find your quit and you will delight in it.  I'm sure of it :) 


Why Not You?

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Jun 25, 2016

~~Why not you?~~  Russell Wilson

You've been reading blogs, reading pages, and learning all the things you need to know for a successful quit.  You silently watch as newborn, shaky quits blossom into lovely strong commitments.  You cheer, you support, smoke.  Maybe it's a 'slip', maybe its a relapse, maybe its an addiction you have yet to understand, much less conquor.

So you focus on others' quits and wish you were them.  Or wish you were like them.  Able to successfully quit.

Why not you?  Are you less intelligent than quitters?  Are you older than quitters? Do you have short legs or are you bald or have you had too many children?  Maybe only right handed people can quit?  Or those who live in cities?  Or maybe they are tan, taller than you, or smell better?

I hope you are laughing :)  And then I hope you get it.  Anyone can quit successfully.  Anyone.  That includes you, my friend.  There is no secret formula.  No criteria.  No magic spell. 

Just put them down.  Walk away.  Don't look back.  And honor that commitment you have made to your quit.  Honor that person you are.  And know that you are as deserving to live addiction free as I am or anyone else is.  And each moment you don't smoke, remind yourself that you are doing it!!  Remind yourself that it will get easier.  And remind yourself that just because you are do not have to smoke. 

You do not have to smoke.  Move towards freedom even if it is only one minute at a time.  And every minute will add up and you will be just like the rest of us quitters.  Coming here and telling the next smoker that they, too, can quit. 

So, why not you?


~~I will not be broken.~~  Unknown

I remember the days when I "tried" to quit smoking.  I remember feelings of failure, feelings of defeat, and a sad bewilderment because I just didn't "get it".  I was that one person....that one smoker....that nothing worked for.  The Wellbutrin, the gum, the patches.....I just couldn't find that magic formula.

Until I did.  I had an honest conversation with myself, which is harder than you think for an addict.  Even a nicotine addict.  And I say that because one of my downfalls was thinking that I wasn't doing anything illegal or disgusting like "other" addictions.  In my honest conversation, I admitted that smoking was disgusting.  In my honest conversation, I admitted that I was risking my family as well as myself.  And, most importantly, I admitted that if I really wanted to, I could quit.

I knew there would be cravings, but they wouldn't break me.  I knew there would be a flood of unwanted, uncontrollable emotions, but they wouldn't break me either.  I knew that when I quit, nothing in the world could get me to pick up another one because I would not be broken over a little pile of tobacco.

So, my dear fellow quitters, have that honest conversation with yourself.  Know what to expect when you are quitting and do not allow those things to break you.  Because if you truly decide you are done smoking, nothing will be able to break you.  The craves, the anxiety, the stress....all just part of the quit.  Accept them.

Find your inner strength.  Love yourself.  Honor your commitment.  Treat yourself with kindness and gentleness.  Know that whatever this quit throws at you, you will get through it because you will not allow yourself to be broken. 

I wish you the best life has to smoke free and beautiful.  Sheri

~~And suddenly you know:  It's time to start something new and trust in the magic of beginnings.~~  Meister Eckhart


I know you're out there.....reading blogs, rummaging through forums, wondering about Allen Carr.  You are hesitant to say anything here....maybe because it will make quitting real, maybe you don't want to commit yourself, or maybe you just don't know how to navigate this site.  I know you're there though.

Because I used to be you.  I was hesitant, I didn't want to commit myself to quitting, and I definitely didn't know how to nagivate anything :)  Yep, I was there.  Right where you are now.  You may be looking at these quit dates thinking you will never be able to make 600 days or even 100 days.  You may be thinking that no one knows how hard your life is.  How difficult it will be for you to be without cigarettes.  Guess what?  Been there as well.

But now I know better.  And so will you!  You will finally realize that it's ok to trust in trust in the magic of beginnings.  And you will know it's better to jump right in rather than stick a toe in here and there.  And you will find out that it doesn't have to be this HUGE weight around your neck.  And you will learn so much more about all the good in you....the strength, the courage, the humor, the sheer brilliance of you....than you ever know existed.

And then, one day, you will be writing these words to those out there reading, rummaging, and wondering.  And you will give them hope.  And you will give them knowledge.  And you will share your joy with them.  Because you used to be them.  And as you write these words, you will be smiling because you trusted in the magic of beginnings.



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