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      This post is intended for you to share what you are going through right when you see it, whether a week or 5 years from now.  Whether you're having a good day or you wanna run away.

      Go ahead, try it out. I guarantee people will respond to you and give you something you need at the time.



     Today I'm taking the day off. I did a little cooking. There were things I could have done that will keep for tomorrow and, if I died tonight, what do those things matter?

We have someone interested in leasing the upstairs. Keeping our fingers crossed.

I'm still waiting to schedule a cat scan.

I've been writing lyrics sporadically the past week.

      When you have medical decisions you occasionally realize you aren't as close to life as you are to death.  My dad has always been amazed at how happy I remain after everything I've been through. Life is a gift. 

      I believe my love for life comes through creativity. I believe we all have gifts.

Find them. Use them. Be Happy.

         How's your life today?

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