A Few Points

Blog Post created by Mike.n.Atlanta on Nov 27, 2018

I feel the need to post these few points.


  1. Understand your addiction. Education is key to everyone’s success here. Don’t try to cut corners. This is your life we’re talking about. Your very survival depends on your knowing.
  2. Use this support system. Your brothers and sisters at Ex want nothing more than for you to succeed. Read and post. We help ourselves by helping others.
  3. One puff, one cigarette or feeling that you can control it after a short quit is still smoking. One cigarette turns to two and two turns into a thousand. You can’t control smoking but you can control your addiction just by practicing NOPE. Not One Puff Ever.
  4. This is a process not a procedure. A procedure has a beginning and an end. This process is an ongoing learning and growing event. Be patient and take it one day at a time.
  5. Make a sincere commitment to your quit. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t feel ready so make the most of it and give it a chance. Too many are looking for that magic bullet that will let them stay quit for a lifetime without any discomfort. Guess what…it doesn’t exist. Do the work, feel the pain and be rewarded.
  6. There is never a valid reason to smoke. There are excuses but they’re pretty lame and if you get right down to it that’s all they are…excuses. Smoking will do nothing to improve any crisis that is in your life.
  7. Get serious about your quit. This IS a matter of life or death.