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Why Not You?

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Jun 25, 2016

~~Why not you?~~  Russell Wilson

You've been reading blogs, reading pages, and learning all the things you need to know for a successful quit.  You silently watch as newborn, shaky quits blossom into lovely strong commitments.  You cheer, you support, smoke.  Maybe it's a 'slip', maybe its a relapse, maybe its an addiction you have yet to understand, much less conquor.

So you focus on others' quits and wish you were them.  Or wish you were like them.  Able to successfully quit.

Why not you?  Are you less intelligent than quitters?  Are you older than quitters? Do you have short legs or are you bald or have you had too many children?  Maybe only right handed people can quit?  Or those who live in cities?  Or maybe they are tan, taller than you, or smell better?

I hope you are laughing :)  And then I hope you get it.  Anyone can quit successfully.  Anyone.  That includes you, my friend.  There is no secret formula.  No criteria.  No magic spell. 

Just put them down.  Walk away.  Don't look back.  And honor that commitment you have made to your quit.  Honor that person you are.  And know that you are as deserving to live addiction free as I am or anyone else is.  And each moment you don't smoke, remind yourself that you are doing it!!  Remind yourself that it will get easier.  And remind yourself that just because you are do not have to smoke. 

You do not have to smoke.  Move towards freedom even if it is only one minute at a time.  And every minute will add up and you will be just like the rest of us quitters.  Coming here and telling the next smoker that they, too, can quit. 

So, why not you?


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