I tried everything

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Jan 20, 2016

As it gets closer to my 365th day quit I have been reflecting quite a lot.   I enjoy this site and the friendships that have been nurtured.  I am inspired by both the new and the old members.  Thoughts come to mind from where I started and to the now of this nonsmoking freedom of life journey.  I do know the best is yet to come in this and other aspects of my life.  

 Before quitting, my addiction was always telling me that I “wanted or needed a cigarette”.  In fact, nicotine told me that lie at least 10 times a day, 7 days a week give or take a few cigarettes for over forty years.  Calculate the effect of your brain being told that for so long.  More importantly, imagine what it takes to replace those thoughts in your new nonsmoking daily life.   Some may dispute it but it took me, one day at a time, sometimes moments, hours, seconds, or the length of an urge.  Along with the time, it took determination, with an in your own face; I am not going to smoke no matter what attitude.  This is my quit and I was/am not going to allow anything, anyone, no thought, no urge, and no addiction to cause me to fail.  This may sound easy but at times it is not.  First, I had to relearn my thinking.  I had to listen to the advice of the elders.  I leaned on my friends here for support and vice versa.  I put my trust in God and prayed learning that with a willing spirit I would make it through.

 I focused on learning, reading, studying, researching. blogging,  making friends,  commenting, and having fun.  I left no room for failure.  When Nancy gave me the link to Allen Carr’s book, it took me less than a night to read it.  Then I purchased my own updated copy to make sure I had it all.  There were days that my eyes were so tired, red, gritty that I would literally have to take a break to recover.  No NRT’s but I had them available if needed.  I used Wellbutrin for a very short period of time.  MY MIND WAS MADE UP.  TURNING BACK WAS NOT MY FUTURE.  I developed my own mantra SINAO...smoking is not an option The other day while reflecting I had this epiphany.

I tried everything to quit but it did not work until I tried myself.

This statement is so huge yet hard to explain to someone new.  To someone who has just begun this journey let go of all the excuses and apply yourself it is "doable".... 360 DOF. God bless.