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~~I will not be broken.~~  Unknown

I remember the days when I "tried" to quit smoking.  I remember feelings of failure, feelings of defeat, and a sad bewilderment because I just didn't "get it".  I was that one person....that one smoker....that nothing worked for.  The Wellbutrin, the gum, the patches.....I just couldn't find that magic formula.

Until I did.  I had an honest conversation with myself, which is harder than you think for an addict.  Even a nicotine addict.  And I say that because one of my downfalls was thinking that I wasn't doing anything illegal or disgusting like "other" addictions.  In my honest conversation, I admitted that smoking was disgusting.  In my honest conversation, I admitted that I was risking my family as well as myself.  And, most importantly, I admitted that if I really wanted to, I could quit.

I knew there would be cravings, but they wouldn't break me.  I knew there would be a flood of unwanted, uncontrollable emotions, but they wouldn't break me either.  I knew that when I quit, nothing in the world could get me to pick up another one because I would not be broken over a little pile of tobacco.

So, my dear fellow quitters, have that honest conversation with yourself.  Know what to expect when you are quitting and do not allow those things to break you.  Because if you truly decide you are done smoking, nothing will be able to break you.  The craves, the anxiety, the stress....all just part of the quit.  Accept them.

Find your inner strength.  Love yourself.  Honor your commitment.  Treat yourself with kindness and gentleness.  Know that whatever this quit throws at you, you will get through it because you will not allow yourself to be broken. 

I wish you the best life has to smoke free and beautiful.  Sheri

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