Lessons of the Geese

Blog Post created by Sootie on Mar 10, 2013

I'm sure you have all seen this inspirational story's used a lot in workshops for team work. It just hit me today how appropriate it is for what happens here at EX....ESPECIALLY the last point. Just thought you might enjoy it.....................

The V formation used by geese provides "uplift" for each goose from the goose flying in front of this way the flight is 71% more efficient than if the goose flew alone. Isn't this true of us here? Each of us who have gone ahead provide "uplift" for those coming up behind us. I don't know our percentages, but I know that I was much more successful quiting because of the "uplift" I got on this site.

When a goose falls out of formation, it quickly feels the drag and resistance from not having the help from the others. So many of us know that feeling....especially in the beginning. It is hard to leave the site for even a day because we need the others on here to help us. Those of us who have longer quits now need the site because of the friendships we've made. The drag and resisitance on our lives without these friendships make us hurry back to the site.

When the lead goose becomes tired, he falls back in the formation and another takes it's place. I think we've all seen that no one person can always take the lead here on EX. It becomes a burden and tires that person to a point of losing focus. Someone must step up and take the lead so that others may rest.

All of the geese honk to provide support and encouragement to the goose in front of them. Here we all are "honking" to each other in order to provide say----I am still here!...are you?....keep going!

When one goose is injured or wounded and falls to the ground, two others land with it and stay with it until it is ready to fly again or until it dies. You have only to go to the message boards of those who have suddenly "fallen to the ground." Not only two but many EXes will visit the page daily checking and asking and encouraging the person to return---until all hope is gone that they will return.

The lessons of the geese are the lessons of synergy.......the concept that when we all work together the end result is greater than if each of us acts independently.

Thank you for your "uplift"------it has been my honor to fly with you.