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We have a saying here that I first heard from my friend indingrl.01.06.2011:  Take what you like And leave the rest... to be helpful is our only goal!   We don't all agree, In fact we agreeably disagree on many, many things. For example: once an addict always an addict. Or you have to want to quit for it to work.  Or NRTs vs. Cold Turkey… (Show more)
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FOUNDATION FOR A SUCCESSFUL QUIT    1. KNOWLEDGE We always say on the site to read the info the site has to offer and other links we give you.  Reading the blogs of our members gives you knowledge of their experiences. Learning about our addiction, the triggers and how to react in certain situations is equipping us for our journey. You will… (Show more)
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      Many of you are going through No Mans Land Right Now (Days 30-130) This is the second hurdle of a longtime/forever quit. The first hurdle is getting through the first 30 days.       When I quit, I was constantly researching information for when you were through the worst of quitting. One medical study I read during that time, said it you… (Show more)
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