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TIPS for quitting smoking - TIPS for COLD TURKEY QUIT - TIPS for tools to have READY when a crave hits - TIPS for 30 DAYS - 60 DAYS - 90 DAYS to stay quit - TIPS - to infinity - TIPS offered - YET left UNREAD - I was ALWAYS looking for that EASY way OR that QUICK way -  so I wouldn't have to SUFFER CHANGE OR GROW UP and STOP letting MY FEELING… (Show more)
This is not meant to scare anyone. I feel it was one on the reasons I was able to make it through the difficult things I was going through during this time in my quit and what many others were going through on the site I began my quit with. If you have lost a quit during the first 4 months or so, think back and try to remember what made you give… (Show more)
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  Why is abbreviation such a long word?      6% CLUB = (those who have quit for one year or more)   Comma = 1,000 days smoke free   DDC = DOUBLE DIGIT CLUB (once a member gets to 10 smoke-free days)   DOF = DAYS OF FREEDOM (the number of days absolutely smoke-free)   ELDER = (a member who has over a one-year quit and offers wisdom based on their… (Show more)
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~~You will see me struggle but you will never see me quit.~~  Unknown You aren't going to find your quit here.  You will find suggestions, advice, encouragement, tips, hints, and information.  But you won't find your quit here. You aren't going to find your quit in an NRT.  No patch has the answer for you.  No gum takes the challenge from you.… (Show more)
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