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Click to view content      The Law of Addiction states:  "Administration of a drug to an addict will cause re-establishment of chemical dependence upon the addictive substance."  (Ergo - NOPE!)         XXX   "YOU are the only person who can give yourself permission to smoke."(youngatheart7.4.12)   XXX   "Smoking creates the cravings that are only relieved by more… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI have been working on this recipe for 764 days.  You would think by now it is perfect but I truly beg to differ.  From my experience quit smoking recipes require occasional tweaking in order to remain forever quit.  Disclaimer:  Please be aware there are other recipes but this is one that has worked for me. It is general to avoid a lengthy blog… (Show more)
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Remember that first day that you really entertained the idea of quitting? If you’re like me, the main thing noticed on that day was an intense and in reality, unfocused fear just at the thought of it. A kind of shudder in the deepest parts of our very beings. And from that feeling, we usually hit a wall for a while. I mean to an addict, the idea… (Show more)
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There are a lot of new people here, and this is also a reminder for those who may have forgotten! Always remember your lifelines! If you should have a serious craving use all of your lifelines before you smoke! #1. Ask The Audience! Come here and tell us that you are in danger, and why! Wait 15 minutes for us to respond! Give us that… (Show more)
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