Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Aug 4, 2020

 TODAY - please I am talking about ME not anyone else - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - TODAY - I draw with joy and I am ok to be full of nervousness and kindness and excitement -  to draw where I NEVER drew before - MY 1st wolf EVER pencil drawing - TADAH - I am living as a NON SMOKER and I had to LEARN to let go and remain open minded to learn NEW habits to DO with MY hands - I am drawing with different lead pencils and ONLY by God's grace - I started this wolf drawing and also tried calligraphy too -  in July 2020 -  MY daughter Courtney asked ME to draw her a wolf and I finally finished it TODAY - I love when I finish - I wanted to SHARE this wolf drawing with MY best encouraging RECOVERING from NICOTINE family - thank all of YOU who encouraged ME to draw and to SHARE  - I REMEMBER -  all the DAYS I wasted SMOKING - I would be SMOKING ALL DAY - one cigarette after another then another - complaining from a victim child within - what MY Ma said to ME at 14yr old - I got HELP for that issue and NOW  - MY OLD habit - SMOKING has been replaced ONLY by God's grace - wirh this NEW habit - picking up different lead pencils - I ask MY Daddy God in prayer for ME - to create something to leave behind for MY beloved daughter's and other's who have asked ME to draw for them - I am still very tender in MY heart about MY drawing or any art that I create - MY wound of childhood is NOW a shinning scar and I am bringing glory to MY Lord Jesus - when I face MY fears and draw anyway as MY Lord Jesus fills me with HIS courage and strength to know HE is with ME in MY heart and soul and spirit   - OH - how beautifully and loving and kind is MY Daddy God -for HIS love and grace - when I stepped back and looked at the finished work - I just started to weep tears of gratefulness and JOY - I cried tears of thankfulness in prayer to know for MYSELF -that I have God given talent to pencil draw -  I am HIS one of kind artist who creates as I draw - I am NOT a victim to MY 14 yr child heart feelings anymore - MY Lord Jesus has set ME FREE from MY past victim childhood in many many many areas - I am under MY Daddy God's construction NOT people anymore - HEALED people pleaser every now and again -  I am God's work in progress - NOT MY perfection anymore -  I praised HIM for HEALING ME - inside MY heart - to become one with 14yr old girl inside who was wounded by her mother's ignorance and to be wholly HEALED and TODAY MY NEW habit has made ME a GRATEFUL -  63yr old woman of God who is becoming fully mature in different areas of ME in MY Daddy God's perfect timing -  in my body and soul and spirit in MY Lord Jesus name amen - thanks for letting ME share MY NEW habit - pencil drawing