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My Quit

Under construction :) please check back later. So I was asked to share my quit journey. I'll do this in stages so check back from time to time. I had started to want to quit a while before I actually did. In fact I had a nice mini quit which I lost to "the just one." My husband thought it would be OK to smoke on vacay and requit when we came back. As we all know that does not work. But I loved smoking on our terrace watching for dolphins with my cuppa Joe in the morning. So I allowed myself to believe I could just start back where I left off. Anyway with that two week quit long gone it was time for a new try. I had a physical in 2013 and had asked my Dr. to give me an Rx for Chantix. He was more than happy and gave me the free starter kit. He was also happy to give me my 1st pft. It was that test that changed everything from that day forward. It showed I had a "touch of COPD." My mom died of COPD and sadly I didn't know much about it. I thought if you quit you'd be cured. Anyway, I leave the office with 2 inhalers one a long acting medicine and one for rescuing me when sudden on set of difficulty breathing came on. WHAT?! I didn't have COPD! I came home and immediately started reading and learning about COPD? The news was not good. Nothing was gonna make this better. I cried...a lot. I felt such shame and fear. I felt alone and doomed to die an ugly slow death. I cried some more. I got my Rx filled for the Chantix and started to take it that very day. From what I read I could Maybe slow down the progression if I quit ASAP. I spoke to my husband and told him if this was gonna work he had to quit with me. No going back, no let's just smoke weekends/vacations. WE were gonna quit. Now they say you can quit even if your spouse decides to keep,smoking. But I gotta tell ya that wouldn't work for me. If he wasn't on board I'd have left him for 6 moths until I was secure. Thank God he agreed because I would have missed him ;) While l reading about COPD and researching quit smoking I stumbled upon Quitnet. Back then you cound peek in and not be a member. I would pop in and read and learn. I decided to join the day before my scheduled quit. My very 1st post I wrote about my fears, the guilt and remorse about smoking. I may have sounded whiny because my 1st reply was one that changed the course of my quit. I was told to "stop feeling sorry for myself and move forward. Everyone had a sad story yada yada." I cried. A lot. My intro post and I got yelled at. :,( What I learned being apart of an Internet group is that usually the 1st few responses sets the tone of the rest. So I left feeling worse than ever. I also learned to take what I could use and leave the rest....that was hard to learn but I think I do ok now. Anyway, I only retuned to the Q to put my stats in on my quit day. I planned my quit day the day I left my Dr's office. I took Thurs, Fri, Mon, off from work. That gave me 5 days to get thru the initial critical days of my new quit. I did absolutely nothing but held on to my quit. I slept, ate, watched tv repeat....and started to really learn about my addiction and quitting as I sheepishly read thru the Q.


Live each day one day at a time and protect your quit each moment at a time. Stay positive and prepared. You will get through the tough times. I promise. Just breathe and believe! You are so much stronger than you know.