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Document created by Jujujulie on Jan 2, 2020
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My Quit

18 months today, on the first day of autumn, 2017. I am grateful for the Q, and so happy to be quit. Woo Hoo! You can do it. I know, because I am doing it. I have smoked for 44.5 years. I am quitting for health reasons. It is very hard to think of not smoking again. I need to stay in the moment. I am using the patch and lozenges. I tried quitting 11 years ago with just the patch and it was awful. I made it 3 months. My biggest triggers involve me getting over emotional. I am trying to keep calm and not smoke over things. So far so good. Over 5 weeks now. Unbelievable. I am so happy I'm quit and I feel so much BETTER. 7 weeks today. I am feeling better and better and so happy that I am not smoking. It's so worth it. Now, 05-22-16, I am two months quit. A friend told me that it was easy. I told her it wasn't and we laughed. I get flitting thoughts of wanting a cigarette. Sometimes a craving but mostly in my head. It's a long road but it's worth it. Now, 06/15/16, 12 weeks and 1 day quit. I feel wonderful. Sometimes I almost think I need to pinch myself because I haven't smoked for 85 days. I feel like I'm in a dream sometimes, a good dream though. Those of you who are new, don't give in to the nicodemon. He is a liar of the worst sort and only wants your life.


If you are young or still in good health, quit now to avoid damage that cannot be reversed. I refuse to give up.

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