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11/9/2019 - Found out the Q is about to turn out the lights...forever. As for me, I'm going to join EX...the quit smoking website supported by the Mayo Clinic. I went there snooping around and it seems like a good place. I don't come here often anymore as once you've been quit over, I'd say, 18 months or so, you just forget to come here! And that, my friend, is a good thing...a great thing! It means you are a non smoker in your mind. It means your quit has strength. Do not ever touch a cigarette...do not even stoop down to pick up a butt....use a broom and dustpan or have someone else do it. Stay away from them and your quit will continue to be successful. I thank all the good people at the Q who helped me, held my hand, and were so kind to me in those first 3-6 months that are the hardest. N.O.P.E. 7/22/19 - Haha...I forgot to come here on my 3 yr anniversary...same as last year! I just never think about the smoking or even my quit now. That first year seems like a dream now. It's over. I don't smoke, I don't think about smoking. Nothing to report except that life is GREAT not being addicted to those awful death sticks anymore. They don't smell bad to me now...I'll walk past a group smoking and the tobacco smells good again...kind of like pipe tobacco. I always enjoyed smelling it...even as a kid. But, I have no desire to smoke it. That's something that other people do; not me. Anyway, it's been a great 3rd year quit and now on to start the 4th one! October 9, 2018 - Lord have Mercy!!! I am 815 days quit! Did I really smoke? I can't believe it! 2 years, 3 months in and I NEVER think about smoking! I don't even think "I used to do that" when I pass people smoking. I am over it. I will practice NOPE for the rest of my life. It is the one thing that I took from the Q that I will need for the rest of my life. Quitting is the best thing I have ever done for myself :) July 19, 2018 - ooooops!!! I missed visiting the Q on my 2 yr anniversary on 7/16/18 :) Proud to have made it. So happy to be here. I NEVER think about a cigarette these days! No one will read this, I imagine, because I don't post anymore. I still pop in sometimes to get the anchor. I guess I should post every now and then but it has always seemed to me that the Q is best when newbies are helping newbies. Something about "misery loves company" LOL Yes, quitting is miserable at first. You are going to suffer. But, the worst is over in about 3 months and it's all uphill from there. By 18 months, I was over cravings and urges. The battle had been won...now, I just have to be diligent in adhering to N.O.P.E. (not one puff EVER!) Good luck to all. Thanks to the Q for being there for me the first year. It really, really helped :) January 1, 2018 Celebrating my second New Year as a non-smoker. It feels fabulous! I am on cloud nine :) I love being a non-smoker and you will too. Quitting is only painful for about 3 months. After 3 months, things begin to get so much better and fast! Hmmmmm....3 months of a little pain and suffering for a lifetime of freedom. Sounds like a fair trade-off to me! It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be and I was a 25+ year smoker. If I had known it would be this way, I would've quit much sooner. Don't get me wrong, the first month is a doozie but you know, I would go through it all over again to get to where I am today. 18 months quit now and I don't think about them at all. I don't crave, my triggers are gone and I don't think about having just one. You can get here, too. Put them down and never pick them up again. You will love yourself :) 1.24.2019 Same old Q. Same three people :) I haven't been here in months...drop in tonight and the same people are posting snark and answering themselves LOL I think there are only about five people here at any given time. Four of them are the same person asking questions of themselves, answering themselves and arguing with themselves. If there are any real people here, just know that there is someone here with an agenda. Quitnet's stance on resetting your start date is to do what you want. Their opinion is that it may be too hard on some to give up weeks or months of a quit just because they smoked a puff or two and that to give all of that time up may be very discouraging to some and they may give up their quit. Let them keep their days. If you are on a diet and you blow it one day, that does not mean you automatically gain back the 20 lbs you've lost. You were still quit however long you were quit. Grab those days and hang on to them. This place is not the boss of anyone. Neither are quitters here a boss of anybody that like to stir up anger and run off people (if they are even other people...they may be making up new screen names). They probably still smoke. The truth is...we don't know who is smoking and who isn't. Anyone can say they've been quit 20,013 days on here and be smoking like a chimney. It's completely honor based. Do what you want. If someone here says anything to you, just don't respond. You don't owe anyone here a darn thing. It's your quit.


Don't let yourself down. Only you can choose to remain smoke-free each day. There are no magic pills. The only thing to do is DON'T SMOKE, NO MATTER WHAT. Some things that helped me during those first 3 months: Cut up straws to a cigarette length and "smoke" on them. Twizzlers Ice Water Cinnamon Gum Hard Candy Lots of knitting and crocheting Online jigsaw puzzles - https://www.thejigsawpuzzles.com/ Online mahjong - https://themahjong.com/ Online crossword - http://puzzles.usatoday.com/crossword Anything to keep hands busy - lots of cleaning for me Read tons of profiles on Quitnet/Posted a lot Told myself that I could always have a cigarette the next day if I would remain smoke free today...then do the same thing the next day! I always really meant it LOL Keep your sense of humor and know that "this too, shall pass". The reward of being a non-smoker with no more urges and craves is very much worth the discomfort you are going through now. I would go through the first three months all over again to get to where I am today. Don't Smoke, No Matter What.