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My Quit

After 40 years of smoking, I quit. That was the best health-related decision I have ever made.

Almost three years *after* I quit smoking, I developed symptoms and was diagnosed with severe COPD. I found out the hard way that people can have COPD for years, even decades, and not know it. In fact, by the time many, if not most, people have symptoms of COPD, they've already lost HALF or more of their lung function. It's likely my COPD began 20+ years before I had symptoms. COPD is a progressive disease with no cure. Its damage is irreparable and permanent, and it continues to progress even after you quit smoking.

Smoking speeds up the progression of COPD while quitting can slow down the progression. Do you think this won't happen to you? I didn't think it would happen to me either.


"Screw motivation. What you need is discipline" (author unknown).

"Never quit quitting means never quit smoking" (eddie64).

Stop being a weenie and just quit already.

Serial quitting is not quitting. It's smoking with longer periods of time between cigarettes.

Smoking doesn't help you deal with life. Smoking interferes with life.

Focus on the benefits of quitting and don't allow yourself to romance smoking. Smoking was never your friend.

If you pledge not to smoke, MEAN IT.

Educate yourself about addiction and understand why you can't have "just one."

Recognize that any thought of having "just one" cigarette is a red flag that you are NOT over your addiction and you must NOT smoke.

Change what you believe about smoking and debunk the lies of addiction. As long as we continue to believe there is anything positive about smoking, our quits will be in jeopardy regardless of how long we've been quit.

Smoking does not relieve stress or boredom; it does not make parties more fun; and it does not help us concentrate, blah, blah, blah. The only thing smoking does -- besides enslave us, kill us, drain our wallets and make us stink to high heaven -- is create another crave.

Keep your quit in perspective. Nobody ever died from quitting, yet each year 5 million people worldwide DIE from tobacco-related diseases.

There are many things in life much harder than quitting smoking. Chances are you've already experienced some of them.

Keep your quit and the time will come when you will wonder why you smoked as long as you did.

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