My quit

Document created by KellanC74 on Nov 10, 2019
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My Quit

100+ days of not smoking. I’m taking it one day at a time. Enjoying the little moments that I would have missed if I was thinking of smoking. I’m feeling calmer and most of the time when there are stressful situations I don’t have to smoke it get through it. Deep breaths I’m really ready to quit. I have struggled with quitting for decades. I tried the patch twice. I have been working on doing things for myself this year. I had oral surgery in April and i have noticed that i need to quit and stay a nonsmoker I have two girls that would love to have their mom not smoke I’m 45 years old I have been smoking since I was 19. Showing my kids that I can stay quit is very important with being a role model


Collect people NOT things I’m Not giving up One day a time, one hour one minute

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