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I have a file on my computer "desk top" for info that I find interesting and useful that I like to share with others.  Decided to put it up here as a document (along with some blogs of my own that I think might help others.)


Quit Smoking Apps


Google Play Store, called MLC, meaning My Last Cigarette  IOS users: 


 Smoke Free, quit smoking now and stop for good - Apps on Google Play   IOS Version:  Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now on the App Store 


Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now app

Smokefree Govt. sponsored Apps

Best Quit Smoking Apps of 2018

Best apps for quitting smoking

SMKR on the App Store

List of good Quit apps:


Quit Vaping:  Text  "DITCHJUUL to 88709."


Quit Smoking NRTs:   In order to receive free patches or gum your health plan provider or employer must sponsor you through The EX Program If you're logged into and you see an orange EX Coach chat bubble in the lower right of your screen you're sponsored and you can speak with them to see what you're eligible to receive. If you don't see the chat bubble then you're not listed as sponsored.    If you're not sponsored then you should check with your state's quitline (800-QUIT-NOW), your county health department or your health care provider for your options.


Anxiety Reduction Technique: 


Australian Govt. quit info:  How to quit smoking | Australian Government Department of Health 


My Bookmarks link:


100 Days of Quitting: A video of a shortened version of A Quit Dialogue in IV Acts 




What worked for me 


Quitting is a Skill that can be LearnedQuitting is a Skill that CAN be Learned


Watch where you dwell. 


No Man's Land - how it feels: 


Dr. Hurts's video on nicotine receptors:


Doc Mike Evans animated cartoon on quitting rollercoaster:


Dopamine and how to get it:


Elders Have Feelings Too (Read this when you're upset by how people respond.)


Excuses  : Excuses 


Helpful VS Like:  and


Is it too late to quit?:  I've smoked 50 plus years and now i've decided to quit.  


The Journey: 


Mouseology:  Mouseology 


One puff is stinking thinking: 


Point of No Return:  Point of No Return:  Have you reached it yet?


Points - their Purpose: 


Rationalizing Smoking  By Dr. Burke.  Just - read it.  It's point on.


Reward Cigarette Trigger Busters:  Help Dealing With That "Reward" Cigarette Thought 


Self Attack & Self Study:  No If’s, Ands or Butts About It 


Slips/Resetting Quit Clock

It's the permission  

To reset or not

Slip or Relapse?


Take what you need and leave the rest

People Are Messy 

Playground Rules


To your future self:  Ramblings at six months 


21 Things Learned by an Elder quitter:


My Quit Truths: 


Quitting Vaping EX:  Quitting E-cigarettes | Guides & Tools | BecomeAnEX 

This is Quitting - To enroll in This is Quitting, teens and young adults text DITCHJUUL to 88709. 


Username Info: 



QuitTude Song 

Dashboard Drummer:  Become An Ex: Dashboard Drummer - YouTube 

Handshake:  Friends who smoke (Handshake video) - YouTube 

Juul Video:  We Tried To Quit The Juul In 7 Days - YouTube 

Nope song:  NOPE - YouTube 


What to do instead of smoking:


Where have I gone wrong blog (read the responses):  Where have I gone wrong? 


Withdrawal symptoms 

Early Withdrawal Symptoms 


Your five year old terrorist within:  What is it like quitting, what is it like getting through a crave 


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"Lord, did I miss my happy delusion, my smokes, the whole shebang. Couldn't I smoke and quit at the same time, I joked.

 I have to admit that I did not just lose the comfort of a pleasant delusion, I gained something, too, though slowly and very grudgingly at first: an inner strength--something that is innate to most at birth--the ability to learn something new, to adjust, grow and adapt day to day. To that end, inner strength in trade for a delusion? I know I made out O.K. I made it past the addiction."   (Maryfreecig Quitting Cigarettes Journal )




Cigarettes are very addicting. When you inhale smoke from a cigarette, it delivers large amounts of nicotine to your brain very quickly. This stimulates a release of dopamine, a chemical transmitter that is responsible for attention, reward, and habit forming. Particular activities like taking a break or drinking coffee, or feelings such as stress, boredom, or anger, become associated or reinforced with using tobacco. These associations can be very strong and unconscious. It might even seem like your body reaches for a cigarette before your mind even realizes it. In addition to the automatic habit, many people have uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal happens because the brain has changed, so that nicotine is now needed to produce what was once a normal amount of dopamine. Your ability to resist the habit of reaching for a cigarette and the intensity of withdrawal varies from person to person due to a number of factors, including the availability of cigarettes, life stressors, and genetics.   (

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