2 or 3am hours----

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In these wee hours i am awaken to pray for many people over the 32 years of following MY Lord Jesus-sometimer I awaken with peoples specific names-Jackie -Terry-Ward-too numerous to name-they are on MY mind-i lay and try to go back to sleep-NAME OR NAMES get louder in MYHEART so i get up and ask MY Holy Comforter to teach ME how to pray for the people put on MY HEART and i believe MY Lord Jesus desires this ACTION of His love for these people is the same praying that was done for ME 32 years ago and continues today to eternity -the person or persons that you awaken with on your HEART as a born again believer of MY Lord Jesus-just OBEY the Holy Spirit-and believe you have done your part and trust God with the outcome by FAITH in MY Lord Jesus name-amen-

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