Nursery Quit Rhymes

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A little creative fun distraction here for those whose quits are in their infancy.  Join in with your own rhymes based on old favorites - or new favorites.  (I've put this in document form, so anyone should be able to add to the main body of it.)  Add a new rhyme or add on a verse to one that's already there and just put your name with the @ sign at the end of it.  




Round and round the quit smoking bush

the Elder chased the Newbie

the latter took only one puff

slip goes the Newbie


Six dollars for a cigarette pack

the Reaper is awaiting

the story doesn't have to be

slip goes the newbie


They talked the talk but didn't walk

they should have listened to We

NOPE was not the mantra heard

slip went the Newbie





Row row row your boat smartly through your quit

watch for rocks and spots ashore

or wreak

and fail your quit





Little Jack Horner, sat in corner

Smoking his Christmas LIE

He stuck in his thumb and pulled out a lung

And said, what a dumb boy am I. 






Jack be nimble Jack be quick 

Jack be humble Jack use your wit

And get rid of the Cancer Sticks!

I'm No Poet!






Slippery Sickorette Flop

Do you have a desire to stop

Were here for you

But you have to do...

The work required of you







 Mary had a little cough so Mary used more nicotine until Mary was at cancers door so Mary stepped in and used more and NOW Mary is NO MORE to be found! Love from indin grl  (indingrl.01.06.2011)




Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

With tobacco plants, that make the smokes.

To inhale, and spit and cough and sow.

a heavy burden to carry,

what we already know,

The death we have will be scary.





OLD mother hubbard 

Went to the cupboard

To get a smoke from her pack


But when she got there

The cupboard was bare

She'd forgotten she had thrown out her stash


Old Mother hubbard

Got busy instead

And decided to clean out her boot


And with the money she saved

Because she behaved

She can upgrade her house with her loot


Old Mother hubbard

Was wise Ex smoker

She knew she had to share her success


So she joined the EX Site

To help others fight

And I think you can figure the rest 





If your quitting and you know it

Read on it


If you really want to stop

Ex is it


If your quitting and you know it

Don't be dumb

And then go blow it


If your quitting an you know it

Read on it!





Ring around the cigarette

Puffing is a health threat

Ashes, Ashes

We all fall down






Here comes Peter Cottontail

He don't smoke and he don't smell

Last I heard, he's doing very' well


He stayed close to EX I see

He's doing well, just like me

If you come here, We'll help you not to fail





A wise old owl lived in an oak

The more he learned, the less he smoked

The less he smoked the better his hoot

We all can be just as astute!


This wise old owl up in that oak

quit the cigs,  took nary a toke

'Twas a strenuous task but worth the while 

Each smoke free day brought a new smile.






If you've got a yellow finger save your hand

Stress of smoking's like a giant rubber band

Would you really like to stop or just jump and belly flop

I've seen both, choose the first take a stand





Baa Baa Black Sheep have you any smokes?

No ma'am, no ma'am we aren't dopes

None for a craving

None for a whine

With head held high

We know we'll be fine!






Are you smoking ?

Are you chocking ?

Can you stop ?

Want to stop ?


I know how to do it

Its not so bad so do it


Come to Ex

Where advise is best  




Eeny, meeny, miny, crave

Hold your quit, you be brave

If it hollers do not cave,

There's no need to be it's slave.



Georgie Porgie  smoke in my eye

caused the tears that made me cry

when my quit was here to stay

Georgie Porgie went away.


Jack and Jill went up the hill

to fetch a pack of smokes

Jack he choked 

and Jill she croaked

their quits came tumbling after









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