What makes you HAPPY???

Document created by Lonita on Jan 25, 2018
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As I was driving to work the radio station I was listening to was talking about the subject what makes you happy.

They were discussing this and of course, it is meant to be funny.  Callers were steady calling in then the DJ

said you know this is a great topic because we always dwell on the bad stuff and never think about the small things

in life that really makes us happy.  I started thinking lately everything around me has been sad.  Two of my coworker

has passed away this year.  My husband was laid off from work a week before Thanksgiving and haven't received unemployment.

I have been so stressed out not thinking about the positive things in my life that makes me happy.  Having my 19-year-old son tells

me every day he loves me.  My son is very healthy and going to Community College.  Having a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in.

I really enjoy my SUV that is paid in full.  I have a horse that is 19 years old, 3 cats and 2 dogs.  My husband is at home driving me crazy

in a good way I guess.  I am breathing, getting up during the week go to a job that I have worked for over 26 years. I am blessed in so many

ways.  I can't forget about me quitting smoking that is something that will make me smile every time.  So what makes you happy?? If you

began a list I'm sure being non-smoker would be in the top 10.  Life is hard, especially in today society.   I am basically writing this blog for

myself a reminder to think more about the positive and fewer negatives in my life.  I hope in some way this blog will make you smile, help you

think about something that makes you happy.



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