Testing words for auotocensuring

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breast, titty, tit,  tittie, twaddle, boob, booby, boobie,  boobtube,  boob tube

vagina, pudenda, snatch, beaver, ****, (rhymes with what) muff, quim, fanny, Fanny

penis, tool, wang, **** (rhymes with nob begins with a k), dong, prick, dick (a sporting goods store with an appostrophy s)  ******* (sh- long), ****** (as in a bird that has pecked), nuts, gonads, balls

fornicate, intercourse, screw, procreate, copulate, ********** (self gratification)

crap, crapola, turd, excrement, **** (the 4 letter version of excrement beginning with an sh and ending in it) doo doo, doodoo 

ass, ******* (what we call people who are jerks with ass at the beginning of the word and hole at the end of it)  a-hole, derriere

testicular, testicle, testical, testIcle, testiCal, test-i-cle

fart, burp, belch

hell, Hell, dam damn, damned