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IconWhat it is/does
ActionsActionsActions available in the space you're located in.
Answered QuestionAnswered QuestionIndicates a question that has been marked correct or has been assumed to be answered.
AvatarAvatarLittle round picture of yourself.
Blog PostBlog PostIndicates a blog post.
Blog CommentBlog CommentIndicates a blog comment.
Bonfire LeaderBonfire LeaderIndicates a person who leads Bonfires in Celebrations & Events.
Clear Text FormattingClear TextClears your formatting on your post.
CommunityCommunity/SpaceA place where content is created.
CommentComment on DiscussionA link to a specific comment within a discussion.
Comment QuestionComment on QuestionA link to a specific comment within a question.
Create ContentCreate ContentGives you content creation options available to you in your current location.
Daily Pledge LeaderDaily Pledge LeaderIndicates a person who leads the Daily Pledge in Celebrations & Events.
Direct MessageDirect MessageIndicates a direct message.
DiscussionDiscussionIndicates a discussion post.
DocumentDocumentIndicates a document.
EventEventIndicates an event. 
Link to External WebsiteExternal LinkA link to a website outside the BecomeAnEX Community.
EX TeamEX TeamIndicates an EX Team employee.
FileFileIndicates a file.
Freedom Train ConductorsFreedom Train ConductorsIndicates a person who lead the Freedom Train in Celebrations & Events.
FollowNot following space/personA place or person you are not following.
FollowingFollowing a space/personA place or person you are following.
Helpful CommentHelpful Comment/ReplyA reply/comment that was marked as helpful.
InfoInfo about current spaceInfo about the current place you are looking in.
EmoticonInsert EmoticonInserts an emoticon.
LinkInsert LinkInserts a link.
Insert ImageInsert ImageInserts an image.
Insert VideoInsert VideoInserts a video.

Mention Person
Mention Community

Mention Content

Mention (Person) e.g @Mark
Mention Place (Group or Community) e.g.  @conversation
Mention Content (Blog, Discussion, Document, Question) e.g. @all_aboard_the_freedom_train
Allows you to mention a Person, Place or Content.  Use an underscore when looking for titles that have more than one word in them. 
Notifications InboxNotifications InboxIndicates you have 0 notifications to read in your Inbox.
PollPollIndicates a Poll.
Poll CommentPoll CommentIndicates a Poll Comment.
QuoteQuote CommentInserts the text from the post/comment you are replying to.
Social GroupSocial GroupA place are content is created. Certain Social groups may require membership.
Status UpdateStatus UpdateIndicates a Status Update.

Single word tag e.g.  #chantix

Multi-word tag e.g. #today_i_learned

Allows you to group similar content based on keywords. Use an underscore when linking multiple keywords together.  Select from list before creating new. Use no more than three words.

System Announcement

System Announcement

Used to communicate site-wide important communications about maintenance and important upcoming events.

TasksTasksIndicates a task.
Unread NotificationsUnread Inbox NotificationsIndicates how many unread notifications you have in your Inbox.
Unanswered QuestionUnanswered QuestionIndicates a question that does not yet have a correct answer and has not been assumed to be correct.
VideoVideoIndicates a video.
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