Sinus troubles after quitting?

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I have had the WORST sinus pain since I have quit smoking. While I was smoking I would get sinus pain as well that was one of the many reasons why I quit, one of the smaller reasons, but still a reason.

Now that I have quit it is worse than ever. My throat and ears have also been hurting a bit since I quit. I don't know if it is all the crap smoking put into my sinuses ect trying to work itself out or what but I am starting to get annoyed by having severe sinus pain & pressure every day.

Anybody else experience this? Suggestions for feeling better?


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frank3 wrote:
I've been smoke free for 4 months & to be honest it's been a battle. Started with a hacking wheezing cough in week 3. DR. said asmtha. Still have it but only once a day every other day and no where near as bad. Tired alot. Got Strep on Labour day and today was told I have a sinus infection. I've had a sore throat on and off for a month. I wish more would be said about what lies ahead when we quit. Don't get me wrong in the long run it will be all worth it. I was going nuts wondering what was wrong and learned alot about reading what others have experienced when they quit through their online discussions. I hope it doesn't last much longer but after 25yrs of posion going into to me I'm sure it will be a little longer to get all the crap out. Check yourself out at your dr's. I got xrays & blood work done & given an ok. It's frustrating but I'm sure it's alot better than what could be in store if we continued to smoke! All the best

nan7 wrote:
 Unreal, Raychel, I am having the same problem. Totally cannot breath thru my nose. Came on in a instant, yesterday morning and still have it. I am on day 28 of not smoking, but am on 14mg patches. I had some OTC cold/sinus med that I am taking and it is slowly helping. Wierd. The good news is that we don't have to tell ourselves "you know, I really should quit smoking".

cindy25 OMG YES!!!!!! Sinus pain, face pain, headache, ear ache...yada, yada, yada! Nightmare! I am over 30 days quit and still experiencing this. I imagine it will "even out" somehow. Yuk!!!!

vanessa11 wrote:
no nose problems, but serious breathing problems. i can be sitting in my room reading a book, and all of a sudden i feel as though i got the wind knocked out of me...i guess it's a small price to pay..

maybe you should go see your doctor...they could recommend or prescribe you some medications...i'm pretty sure they will be more than happy to assist you in your efforts to quit.. especially if your health problems are getting slightly worse

jen45 wrote:
 I had the same thing, and it's been 3 weeks already. I took day quil and it helped. I'm pretty sure you're right about it being all the tobacco crap being stuck in your system. It sucks, I know.

* I guess after reading everyone elses responses, it could be either. It never hits me this bad, though.

nan7 wrote:

 Agree with Leslie. This didn't come on me until day 27 of no smoke. My OTC cold med is "kind-of" working, but not wonderful. We all probably should ck with a Dr. if we want (and can afford) a real answer. guesss we can use some of the money we saved from not buying cig's.........bummer. I had other plans for my money.

raychel wrote: 

Glad to see I am not alone.

It could possibly be allergies as well, but I really think it has something to do with quitting too.

Somebody told me about those neti pot things...well I couldn't find one but I found a similar system that uses a bottle...bought that..have been using it...last night and then 2x today and it is really helping my sinuses already!

nan7 wrote:
 WOW, mine cleared today and I can breath clear down to my toes now. Based on the intensity, I think it had something to do with quitting the cigs. I remember, clear back when I was in college (1972), the dentist telling me i had impacted sinus's or something like that. It showed up on the dental xrays. So, apparently they have now cleared. If that dentist is still alive and practicing, I could have him add this information to my records. haha!

michelle23 wrote:
 now I've had sinus problems for years, 2 surgery's last year and now am scheduled for reconstrutive procedure nose/septum. The DR in Boston whose a specialty in this type of surgery wouldn't even consider it unless I agree to quit 30 days prior to surgery and 30 days afterwards or it'd be worse and unrepairable at that point.. (if I did smoke) If I'm not ready I have to tell him and be honest or only would hurt myself.. Going through the other sinus surgeries smoking didn't help at all.

Are you sure your not experiencing allergies? Even those who don't have allergies are feeling some symptoms this year the pollen count has been at it's highest this year and worse. The DRs even say so too even if you don't' have any type of allergies or seasonal. Also may want to get check for a sinus infection if it hurts that much, you may need an antibiotic

nan7 wrote:
Hi Raychel, I have been suffering from raging sinus's myself since quitting and before that I had the flu with sinus's. Finally could not stand it anymore and went to the Dr today. He was so-o-o nice. He said I would suffer with my sinus's, lungs and other systems cleaning out chemicals in an intermittant fashion probably for 8 mo .to a year. He saw that I did not have insurance and gave me ALL samples and wrote me perscriptions for antibiotics just in case this steriod nasal spray does not work. But we really do not want to use the antibiotic, he just did that so I wouldn't have to pay for another office call. He gave a list of OTC options for different situations that may arise. I could not believe how fortunate I was. Maybe you should just try a Doctor........Mine was $77 for the Dr and I'll bet he gave me $200 in samples. My impression was that doctors really like it when we quit a bad habit and want to start taking care of ourselves. They are all for that. I was truely blessed (and am already starting to feel better.) Something to think about.

Jim_taddeo wrote:

raychel I have to report the opposite effect. I have had some type of sinus pain, head-aches, and joint paint for at least the last 18 months strait. I'm on day 5, this time, without smoking and I have no headache, no sinus pain, and very minimal joint pain. What I figure must be occuring is some type of bio-chemical imbalances and then rebalancing, unless maybe your blood pressure is up. Check with your doctor ASAP just to be safe. Difficult to say since we seem to be experiencing exactly the opposite effect. My doctor agreed with me that my smoking was a very likely cause of the sinus troubles I have experienced. In any case I wish you well and don't fool around. See the Doc! Saline mist works for me followed by hot compress across my face. I'm not taking OTC pain relievers anymore either.


crystal_echols wrote:

I am at 101 days now, but at the beginning when i first quit...and for about a month and a half i did have these probelms with my sinuses. I went to the doctor and i had a sinus infection, and the doctor said its my bodies way of getting rid of all that nasty stuff that you ahve accumulated in your body.

So, it should get better, but you may want to go to the may need antibiotics,


khrystyna wrote:
 It's been a week and a half, and I noticed yesterday that my sinuses were clogged up. I thought I was getting a sumer cold - but you could be right - maybe it is all the junk.

@Crystal_Echols  wrote:

Thats cool Chris.

Yeah, i have always had horrible problems with my sinuses also. And in fact this past winter i was sick every month for 6, i am very interested to see if this winter is different because i am not smoking.


Jim_Taddeo wrote:

I just have to report exactly the same thing. Chronic sinus problems. We'll see. The headches are gone before day 19.......peace


tracy4 wrote:

I have had the same problem... I am on day 25 and hoped my sinuses would get better... they have not - infact they got worse and i am running a fever now with alot of fatugue because i cannot sleep and breath thru my nose... UGH

I just started on antibotics.. and i am going to buy the neipot thing - i heard it works wonders!

sondra2 wrote:

I have just begun my quit but my sister said she had never been sicker than when she quit smoking. I am also suffering from allergies while trying to quit.

christinequit2007 wrote:

This is the time of year when sinus problems come to a head primarily because of all the molds and left over pollens floating around. I use a homeopathic that is amazing. Kalif Sulf (can be found even at Walgreens... but usually at Vitamin and Health shops).

If your symptoms are severe you must call your doctor, though, or go to a walk-in clinic for help. You could be developing a serious sinus infection.

Since I no longer smoke I have more awareness of other things going on in my body... simply because I have the time! LOL

Jim_Taddeo wrote:
But it did come and I did battle with it for quite some time. Off and on. When I'm clear which has been quite a bit I can actually breathe through both nostrils.....AMAZING to me anyway.


lin3 wrote:
 I haven't smoked for a week.I get sinus pain also.It sucks,especially as I never had these problems when I smoked.Does anyone know how long it lasts for?

carole3 wrote:
I've quit smoking now for three, almost four weeks after having a severe upper respiratory/sinus infection. Cough finally stopped, but my sinuses always feel swollen and dry, and at times it's difficult to get a deep breath. CT scan was done of my lungs because an unusal spot showed up on a chest Xray when they thought I had pneumonia. My doctor told me I have moderate emphysema which showed up on the CT scan, but thank God nothing else suspicious. I was so afraid I had cancer. I've never had breathing problems before when I smoked, but since I've quit smoking, I notice lots of sinus problems (not stuffy, but sore and swollen, dry nose and throat) and my breathing just feels awkward at times. I am also waking up two or three times a night which is new since quitting. Does anyone know will these symptoms go away with time???????? I sure hope so. I actually felt better when I smoked!!!

gypsytraveller1 wrote:
 I am 68 days quit and have just joined this site have had terrible sinus pain since 6 weeks have never had it before and the pressure in my head is awful. Has anyone come up with any tricks. Have been to doc had antibiotics and no change

5thtime2 wrote:
Sinuses are awful!  Brain fog a close second.  Constipation and then the release of tar babies....yuck!   My body seems to be a self destruct detox mission and I'm just along for the ride.  Anybody experiencing gas too?   And body aches and itching.   It's not the flu cause there is no fever.  None of these are listed in any withdrawal symptom list on any medical site.  Who writes those things?!   Some premed know-it-all?   Anyway I'm day 6.  Good luck to all of you.  I'm sure ill have more to come.  May the Schwartz be with you!

mearline wrote:
wow! so glad i happened upon this site....   does anyone have a dry throat? i mean where its almost gagging?



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