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Welcome. If you were a member of the community before we migrated you'll find a list of the previous groups by their name and then a link to all the new consolidated groups. If you're interested in helping to manage one of the groups you can reach out to Mark, the Community Manager.


Original GroupNew Group
1-11-11 QuittersJanuary Quitters
1.1.11 QuittersNew Years Day Quitters
12 Steps for NicotineQuit In 12-Steps (The AA Method)
1st Quarter of 2014 who will reach 6% club in 1st quarter of 20152014 Quitters
1st Time QuittersNewbie Quitters
2 Bits +Quitters in their 50's
20 Something Ex'sQuitters in their 20's
20 something exes!!Quitters in their 20's
2011 quitters with the Electronic Cigarette (Vaporing.. not smoking)E-Cig Users
2016 new year and new me.2016 Quitters
2016 Quitters Club2016 Quitters
24 FansJeff Gordon Fans
30-Something Ex'sQuitters in their 30's
3rd Quarter 2013 Winners Circle!2013 Quitters
4 Steps programGeneral Support
40-Something Ex's or Soon to be Ex's!!Quitters in their 40's
40's GroupQuitters in their 40's
4th quarter 2014 6% club ~ Here we come!2013 Quitters
7/1 QUITTERSJuly Quitters
A Bunch of QuittersGeneral Support
A Mother's PromiseMoms
Abstract Chronicles TheatreAbstract Chronicles Theatre
Adrenaline Lovers QuittingAdrenaline Lovers Quitters
Adult ADHD and smokingMental Health Support
Ageless WisdomWisdom and Motivation
All 2010 New years Day Ex'ers Unite!!New Years Day Quitters
All Addicts WelcomeMultiple Addictions
All my ex's are my friends everyone allowedSuccessful EXers
Allen Carr's Way to QUIT SMOKING!Easy Way Users
am i the first arab to be here or what ? !!!Diverse Cultures
Ani Difranco Lyricly inclined members who defy the tobacco industries just for todayAni Difranco Lovers
Ann Arbor CommunityMichigan Quitters
Anxiety/Depression won't stop me from quitting smokingMental Health Support
Anyone Like MeYouth Quitters
Anyone Needing To Get Back On TrackTrying Again
Anyone with a Quit date of February 17thFebruary Quitters
April 2013 QuittersApril Quitters
April Quit DateApril Quitters
ARC EXSGeneral Support
Are you a Quitter from U.KUnited Kingdom Quitters
Are You nervouse about quiting smoking?General Support
Arizona Ex SmokersArizona Quitters
Artist QuitArtists
ASU QuittersArizona Quitters
Atlanta Georgia Ex MembersGeorgia Quitters
Attitude is Everything!Positive Affirmations and Support
ATTN: Quit Date: 12/12/12December Quitters
August 2013 Quit Smoking Dates!August Quitters
Badge HatersVenting Freely
Baltimore/Rosedale Maryland EX-SmokersMaryland Quitters
Bartenders who are surrounded by smokersBartenders
Bartenders who QuitBartenders
Baseball QuittersSports Lovers Quitters
BassmasterFishing Lovers Quitters
Because of youQuit Motivators
Become An Ex Village Family Member 101Group Deleted. Content Moved.
Become an EXerciser! Quitting Smoking with Exercise and Activity!Exercising and Health
BecomeAnEX live ChatLive Chat (The Panic Button)
Becoming an EX : the first 10 smoke-free daysNewbie Quitters
Becoming an EX while pregnantPregnant Quitters
Becoming an EX while pregnantPregnant Quitters
beginnersNewbie Quitters
Best of EX: Tricks and TipsQuitting Tools
Big Sky QuittersMontana Quitters
Bikers EXMotorcycle Lovers
BIKERS For BREATHING !!!Motorcycle Lovers
BiPolar Ex'sMental Health Support
BONFIRESCelebrations and Events
Book NerdsBook Lovers
bossNot Moving
Boundaries To Live ByGeneral Support
Bountiful GardensGardening Lovers
Brave New WorkshopCancer Survivors and Fighters
break the cycleGeneral Support
Buckeyes for a successful quit!Ohio Quitters
Buddhist and Taoist QuittersBuddhist and Taoist Quitters
Buddhist QuittersBuddhist and Taoist Quitters
Buddy SystemFind a Quit Buddy
C. O. P. D. and other Chronic Lung Conditions.COPD
CA EXes and soon to be EXesCalifornia Quitters
Call Me A QuitterProud Quitters
Canadian QuittersCanadian Quitters
Cancer Survivors Supporting Each Other To Quit SmokingCancer Survivors and Fighters
Carl Edwards FansCarl Edwards Fans
Cat Lover's Quit January 2011Pet Lovers
Celebrate Your QuitCelebrating Milestones
Champix Jan 2013Chantix-ers
Christian QuittersChristian Quitters
Christians quitting or who have quitChristian Quitters
Cig HatersNot Moving
CIGARETTE SMASHERSPicture, Video & Quote Sharing 
Cigars & CigarillosCigars and Cigarillos
Cincinnati Ex-ersOhio Quitters
Cinnamon gumNicotine Gum Users
Closet SmokersCloset Smokers
Closet Smokers Unite!Closet Smokers
Coddler's CornerCoddler's Corner
Cold Turkey Anyone???Cold Turkey Quitters
Cold Turkey ClubCold Turkey Quitters
Cold Turkey Peeps....Cold Turkey Quitters
Cold Turkey- For Those Of Us Too Poor To Smoke But Too Poor To Afford Quitting AssistanceCold Turkey Quitters
College StudentsQuitters in their 20's
College Students that have become ex'sQuitters in their 20's
College Students who want to quitQuitters in their 20's
combat vet that are kicking the habitVeterans
Commit -Nicotine Lozenge UsersNicotine Lozenge Users
Committed to Quit in 20132013 Quitters
Community Site HelpGroup Deleted. Content Moved.
Community Song DedicationsMusic Lovers
Cooking / House Hold Tips/Home RemediesCooking Quitters
Cooking and QuittingCooking Quitters
Cooking for EX'sCooking Quitters
Counselors/Social Workers who want to Quit SmokingCounselors and Social Workers
Country Music and the Marlboro manMusic Lovers
Couples Quitting Smoking TogetherPartners Quitting Together
cravings after one weekGeneral Support
Creative QuittersCreative and Crafty Quitters
Cross Addiction Clean, Sober, and Smoke Free!Smokebriety and Sobriety
Cute ThingsPicture, Video & Quote Sharing
Dad's who want to quit smoking.Dads
Daily Pledgers - Pledge Not To Smoke TodayDaily Pledge
Damn Cigarettes to HELL!!!!Uncensored
Dave Ramsey would not approve of this in my budgetSaving Money
Days of freedom!Celebrating Milestones
DeadheadsMusic Lovers
Dec Quit Smoking DatesDecember Quitters
December 2010~QuittersDecember Quitters
December Quit Dates!!!!December Quitters
Dejando de fumar (Espanol)EX Hispanoamericanos
DFW Non-Smokers Unite!Texas Quitters
Discover the Quitter in YouGeneral Support
Ditch the dip!Chewing Tobacco
Divorced and QuittingDivorced and Quitting
Divorced Parents Fighting in CourtDivorced Parents Fighting in Court
Do It For Your Gym Membership...Exercising and Health
Done Smoking In NCNorth Carolina Quitters
Downstate Ny QuitNew York Quitters
DRAMA QUEENSDrama queens
DRINKERS NOT STINKERSLaughter is the Best Medicine
E-Cigs,do they help or harmE-Cig Users
EASYWAYersEasy Way Users
End TimesChristian Quitters
Everyone Loves a Quitter in MarylandMaryland Quitters
Ex & Getting Fat ChatHealthy Eating, Healthy Weight
Ex DummiesNewbie Quitters
EX HispanoamericanosEX Hispanoamericanos
EX marks the spotGeneral Support
Ex's ReunionSuccessful EXers
Ex smokers considering Bariatric Surgery after gaining weight prior to not smokingBariatric Surgery
EX Weekend in Las Vegas, May 2013EX Weekend in Las Vegas, May 2013
EX-CraftsCreative and Crafty Quitters
Ex-smoking music loversMusic Lovers
Ex's using Weight WatchersWeight Watchers
EX2 Weekend in Orlando, February 2014EX Weekend in Orlando, February 2014
EX3 Weekend in Nashville, April 2015EX Weekend in Nashville, April 2015
EX4 Weekend 2016 - Back to Vegas!EX Weekend 2016 - Back to Vegas!
EXers Member FeedbackCommunity Feedback
Exs in Washington DCWashington DC Quitters
EXs with disabilities, or children with disabilitiesEXs with Disabilities