Turning Email/Text Notifications On and Off

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The Jive platform (the technology powering the BecomeAnEX Community) will automatically subscribe you to notifications for the activity that's closest to you -- information that is tied to your name, or your activity on BecomeAnEX. This automatically includes @mentions, replies to discussions you're participating in, content people share with you, and direct private messages from other BecomeAnEX members.


You will get both an in-community notification as well as an email unless you change your default settings. Editing your preferences will enable you to change how frequently you get emails. You will ALWAYS get on-site notifications in your Inbox for content/people/places you follow, or content you’ve authored, content you have liked/commented on/replied to, and content that mentions you.


Changing My Notifications Settings


1.   Click the triangle next to your avatar in the upper right corner of any page and select Preferences from the list.




2.   From the Preferences page “General Preferences” tab, there are two relevant sections. The first is Notification Preferences, which controls whether you receive emails or mobile device notifications at all (by default, you do).

The second section is Inbox Notifications, which allows you to control the kinds of Inbox activity you’ll get an email notification for and the frequency with which you’ll receive digest updates of Community activity.




Under the Notification Preferences, if you choose “No” for receiving mobile and email notifications, you will notice that the entire following section for Inbox Notifications turns gray and you will not be able to make any fine tuning of your notifications. It’s recommended that you leave this answer as “Yes” or you might miss important notifications. Selecting “No” for this section will turn off ALL emails, but you will still receive Inbox notifications that you’ll see when you come to BecomeAnEX.




Under the Inbox Notifications section, it's especially important to check the Email box for the "Inbox: Direct social actions” (such as @mentions...)"or you might miss direct interactions unless you log into BecomeAnEX every day.



3.    Remember to click Save when you're done or your preference changes will be lost.