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My EX Feed section is the place where you can go to find the most recent and trending activity across the entire BecomeAnEX Community. It’s similar to Facebook and Twitter, in that you will see content from people or Groups you follow here on EX.

Example of My EX Feed


From this page, you can see Top & Trending content, Unanswered QuestionsLatest Blog Posts, Upcoming Events, and Groups You Might Be Interested In.


About Streams

A News stream item is created when people interact with content, people, and places in the community.


Here are some examples of activities that trigger new items in your default “All Activity” and “Following” streams:

  • Content: Someone modifies the content item; for example, edits, comments on, or replies to it.
  • People: Someone posts a status update, creates a content item, comments on a content item, and so on.
  • Places: Someone updates content in a place, for example, publishes a new document, edits a blog post, or comments on a document that lives in the place.


All Activity vs. Following


In addition, you can choose to view updates of either All Activity in the BecomeAnEX community, or just the activity of people and groups that you personally are following. You can toggle between All Activity and Following by selecting one or the other at the top of the page.




If you select All Activity, you will be taken to a view where you can see:

  • Content that has recently been liked
  • Updated Profiles from by other members
  • Recently created content
  • Social News


If you select Following, you will be taken to a view where you can see:

  • Most recent content that you follow
  • Top & Trending content that you follow – this is content you follow that is getting lots of attention in the Community (e.g., people reading it, liking it, replying to it).


Narrowing it Down: The + Sign


By selecting the “+” sign to the right of “Following,” you can also create your own custom stream of news for yourself. Custom streams are useful when there is so much activity happening that you can’t follow it all. It’s a way to help you focus on what matters to you.

Learn more about Streams.


Top & Trending


Top & Trending content shows what’s considered to be the most popular (and thereby useful) content in the Community. Popularity is determined by such things as number of likes, the number of times a content item has been shared, how many comments it has and a variety of other factors. It’s a fast way to learn about the most valuable conversations happening in the community.


Unanswered Questions


Ready to help other members of BecomeAnEX? As members of the community post their questions, you can see a convenient list of the latest questions that have not yet been answered in this section.



Latest Blog Posts


A little farther down the right hand column, you can find the latest blog post entries from across the community.



Upcoming Events


The latest events, whether online or offline, appear along the right hand column of News & Updates, including Freedom Train, Bonfires, and more. Click through to sign up or participate.



Groups You Might Want to Follow


Finally, the BecomeAnEX platform looks at the Groups you have joined and actively participated in, and will suggest new or existing groups that might be of interest to you. You can find them in the right hand column when you scroll down the page.