How to Join a Group

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Get involved. Follow a group!


A group is a place for you to connect with people here on EX with a shared interest. Joining a group is called “Following” here on EX.


Follow a group to participate in discussions, and remain aware of the group activities. Some groups are completely virtual while others also plan periodic in-person events.


To Follow a Group


1. Click Groups from the Homepage and select “All Groups” from the dropdown.




2. Browse on your own, or search by typing in text to find a group that interests you (for example, typing in Chantix if you’re using that medication and want to find others who are, too)




3. Click on the group name to open the group. Click “Follow” to receive updates and to stay in the know about what’s happening in that group.




4. If you select “Following” from the dropdown, you’ll see updates about activity in that group in My EX Feed.






5. You can also choose to receive notifications in your Inbox anytime someone posts in that group by selecting “Inbox” from the “Follow” dropdown.




To invite someone to a group:


1. Go to your groups by clicking Groups in the top navigation and selecting “My Groups” from the dropdown.




2. Select the group to which you want to invite someone by clicking on the group name.

3. Click “Actions” and then select “Share group” from the dropdown




4. Enter the names or the email addresses of the people you want invite. You can invite people in the EX Community, or external friends or family.



5. Enter an optional message to include with the invite and click the “Share” button


To Unfollow a Group


1. Go to your groups by clicking Groups in the top navigation and selecting “My Groups” from the dropdown.




2. Click the Following button and click “Stop Following” or unselect all checkboxes.




If you created a discussion in a group or reply to an ongoing discussion or question within a group, then you may still get notifications about it. Learn more about adjusting your notification settings


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