What is a Tag? How do I use Tags?

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What is a Tag?


A tag is a keyword that helps to summarize your content in a word or phrase. It helps aggregate similar content together so that it is easier to find. In some ways it is an organization system like a dictionary or a library.  Following rules will get others to the information they’re looking for more easily.


How to Use Tags


A tag can be one word on its own, or multiple words together connected by an underscore (_). A piece of content can have multiple tags. Separate tags should be separated by a comma.


Good Practices:

  • Use no more than 3-4 tags on any one piece of content
  • Be specific but not too specific. Ex: "nicotine_replacement_therapy, chantix, varenicline" not “How_do_I_avoid_nicotine_nightmares?”


  • Use the suggestions provided, if applicable


What to avoid:

  • Creating multiple variations of the same thing. Ex: Cigarettes, cigarettes, Cigs, cigs
  • Spaces and punctuation
  • Creating extremely generic tags: Ex: "white"
  • Using the same tag for every piece of content
  • Including personal info or usernames (this is a BIG no-no!)
  • Using offensive language
  • Using Event/Celebration related tags (freedom_train, party_blog, bonfire, daily_pledge) unless you are a designated organizer

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