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Search for Existing Discussions

It's easy to click the Ask a Question button or Start a Discussion, but often there is a discussion on your topic that already exists.  Searching for an existing discussion/question may help you get to a solution faster.


Click the Magnifying Glass in the upper right corner of the screen to start your Search. It keeps revising as you type to help you find the most relevant results. Give it a try!



Participating in Ongoing Discussions:


It's a lot of fun when there are a group of people participating in a lively discussion. The more people, the more potential for fun.


You’ll get more interest in your posts if you participate in ongoing discussions for the topic you're interested in rather than creating a new duplicate topic.


To join an ongoing discussion, follow these tips:

  • Click Comment on the original post or the red “Add a reply” button




  • When a Discussion has several comments already below the original post, you can use the quote button to pull in the specific comment to which you are replying.




  • Use an @mention to refer to another EX Community member by writing @USERNAME. This will notify that person that you’ve mentioned them in your reply, too.




  • Stay on-topic. If you start to go off-topic, search for a similar topic or start a new one. For example, if the discussion is about bad dreams related to using NRT, and you start to talk about having cravings for cigarettes in the middle of the night, search for a discussion on midnight cravings. Or start a new discussion if one does not already exist.
  • Read through the whole post so you get up-to-date before you reply.
    • “Like” a reply if you like it or agree with it!