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As you spend more time in the community, you may find that answering other people's questions may be a fun way to share your knowledge and experience.  Questions to be answered are always available whenever you're ready.  People are awaiting your response!


Online communities are a mix of various different types of people. There are creators, readers, responders and a mix of all of the above. Feel free to participate in whatever role you feel most comfortable.   Your voice, in whatever way you choose to express it, could be the one that helps someone else with their quit. Sharing could also be a way to strengthen your own quit.


There are lots of different ways to reply to questions. Here are a few ideas:

  • Be Supportive: You can “like” a question OR mark a reply as helpful that has already been posted. Neither of these require you to actually write anything, but you’re virtually indicating a nod of support that you’ve felt the same way, had the same question or answer, or think they’ve written something well.
  • Be Empathetic: Reply with something like, “I have that question too! Looking for answers. Thanks!” Or something like, “I’ve felt the same way when I first started quitting, and here’s how I coped with it…”
  • Brief Response Example: “Great question! When I was in my first days of quitting (this time), I would put on some white noise (a fan, or something like that). It seemed to help me sleep better.”
  • Long Response Example: (2-3 paragraphs on your own experiences with references to other pages, blogs, helpful books, others in the EX Community, etc.)

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