Step 5: Comment or Reply to a Blog Post

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To blogfinity, and beyond! Comment or reply to a blog post on EX.


EX members blog on EX for different reasons. For some, it's a way to introduce themselves to the Community. Others share their hopes, fears and dreams concerning the quitting process.


Blogs have also historically been a place to ask questions of the Community at large and get answers from those in the midst of quitting. A blog is a place where you can express yourself and receive acknowledgement for that expression.


No matter why EX members blog, one thing is certain: Having your blog and feelings acknowledged is incredibly validating and meaningful. You can learn from others and bring those warm fuzzies to another by replying to a blog post.


Read up on EX Community Blogs

Get started by reading today’s featured blog post, or dive into the whole world of EX Community blogs.


  • Go to Home and click on today’s “Featured Blog Post” or click open “All blog posts” to see all EX blogs.



  • Really read a post. Think about what that blogger is trying to put out into the world. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute.
  • Add a Reply to make a blogger’s day! It can be advice, a similar situation you’ve found yourself in, or a kind word that just connects you with another quitter.


If you’re feeling ready to write your own blog post, click here for instructions.


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