• The Daily Pledge - October 2019

    Happy October everyone and welcome to the Daily Pledge in the Celebrations & Events  community where we can meet daily to take another person's hand and make our commitment stron...
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  • How Bout A Game! Race to +/-20

       Here's the rules...  When a newbie (non smoker with less than a year of smobriety) posts, they add +1 to the number...    When an Elder (non smoker with more than a year of smobreity) posts...
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  • It's Gonna Be Okay

    When we first quit nothing feels OK.  Especially us.  We feel like fish out of water.  Everything is uncomfortable.  We feel like we've lost our best friend.  We seem unable to cope with anyth...
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  • Hallow-ween-ish or Odd (distraction)

      What movie would you suggest someone put on their bucket list that is unique?   My List Rocky Horror Picture Show in a theater on a Saturday night with a full house. Edward Scissorhands The Night...
  • October 2019: Welcome new members!

    The October Quitters have arrived!   There are always new members joining the community. A portion of those new members haven't set or haven't synced their quit date to the community so we can help ...
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    And THAT, my friends, is fourteen freakin days down. Can I get a hallelujah? Whether I get those or not, thanks to all for your previous comments. So glad you're all here
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  • Not In My Living Room A-Z

    In alphabetical order, list things that you would not like to find in your living room. You can have a whole sentence as long as the first word remains in alphabetical order.   I'll start......   Alarm clock
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  • Last Word First

    I will start with 2 words...next poster will carry on using the last word first, and so on....    (Remember... last word first!)   Example:     In crowd   Crowd control ...
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  • Two Vowels Only A-Z

    This is an alphabetical word game that is made out of words with 2 vowels only.   I'll begin with A.....   Almost
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  • Three Associated Words

    Time for a new game........   I will leave three words. The next player will take any one of those words, leave it plus two words that are associated with it in some way for the next player.   EXAMPLE: ...
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  • Rhyme This Time Game

    I will leave a three word sentence. Next player starts their 3-word sentence with a word that rhymes with the LAST word of the previous sentence. Your 3-word sentence should make sense.   Example:   A pre...
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  • Gimme 5

    One person asks for 5 of something. Next person answers then asks for next "5".   Example: Gimme 5 hamburger toppings...   ketchup mustard onion lettuce tomato   Let's start... Gimme 5 hot bev...
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  • Done with Juul

    I've been smoking cigarettes since 15 for the last 12 years. Only quit once, for a year in there. Within the last 2 years I've transitioned to mostly vaping, primarily Juul and other vapes as well.   On Sunday n...
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  • Slipped

    Hey everyone.  I had a cigarette.  I’m so mad at myself.  I went 11 days without smoking.  In need of some encouragement.  I don’t want to smoke anymore.  I thought the first ...
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  • Ranting cause I want to - Day 1

    Just need to rant, complain, whatever. A little cry baby time so I can move past it into a good first day or quitting the vape. I texted my hubby this morning to let him know that I may be off base a bit for the next ...
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  • 300 days

    300 days doesn't sound like much. It's not even a year. It's a drop in the bucket when you think of your whole lifespan. It's a fairly small number in the big picture.    But 300 is a frickin HUGE number to...
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  • Redman: Inspire Me

    I was inspired by MaryRobin with her "living mantra" and her ripple effect yesterday. The positive ripple effect lead me to the understanding: What doesn't kill your quit, makes it stronger! This is what happens eac...
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  • The First 100 Days

    As of late, it seems our society measures the success within the first 100 days of doing anything. One of the interview questions I was asked when applying for my current position was, “what do you plan on accom...
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  • Let's Get Moving Part 3

    'The original idea was to "get moving" at least 4 times a week, staying accountable to each other.  Post your accomplishments in the comments. This is the original blog link if you would like to clarify the ...
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  • Day 86

    I need tips on how to get through No Mans Land. I bought a journal, am walking everyday, drinking water etc. My mood this morning is horrible I can’t even stand myself. Shouldn’t I be getting a lot more re...
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