• This Ought To Stir Things Up!

    It's what you're used to   We got used to smoking didn't we?   WE CAN GET UNUSED TO IT!
  • Did the nausea side effect of Chantix bother you?

    I am dreading the nausea side effect that can happen when taking Chantix. Did this happen to you and if so did it go away after a few days or weeks?
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  • Which is the best plan for replacement for nicotine?

    To figure out the best plan for you. I think patches he way to go.
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  • Best decision for you to replace your bad habit?

    Which exercise is the best choice for you to pick for the replacement for your nicotine habit.
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  • New WW Plan!

    OK all you WW peeps!  Which plan will you choose?
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  • QuitNet-ers: What shall we call this place?

    Welcome!       We're creating a place here that QuitNet members can call home. Let us know what you think this place should be named. Please only vote if you were formerly/currently a member of ...
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  • EX 8 - Pick the Place!

    I am pleased to post for your consideration the choices for an EX gathering in what is probably going to be Spring of 2020!       Please vote if you are interested in attending. You don't need to be...
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  • Are those who took up vaping likely younger than 40?

    Let me know what you believe and provide your most scientific opinions.
  • How did you quit smoking/vaping?

    I am curious to see what method you used to quit smoking or vaping. 
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  • Sexy Exers?

    I often refer to you beautiful quitters as Sexy Exers, I'm interested to know how y'all feel about it. Doesn't mean I'll change it! The Sexy is how beautiful it is that y'all stay around to help us "youngins" out....
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  • Who is using/used juul?

    Wondering the age groups on here that use/used juul?
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  • Just Curious ;)

    I’m asking the audience...when should I expect to look in the mirror and see my glowing, 20 year old-esque complexion staring back??? I mean, I’m just shy of the 30 day mark so I was just wondering
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  • How should I celebrate 1 week?

    Today is Day 6 and I've saved at least $25 from not buying cigarettes!!! I want to celebrate with a little something at 1 week because the next goal will be 1 month! Going strong!!      &...
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  • New People on Ex

    New People who introducing themselves on Ex Org.  Poll On what helps the new people.
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  • Smart Phone, Laptop or Desk top

    How do you primarily access the Ex community?
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  • EX 7 Date Choice Poll

    Unfortunately, the weekend of the Beach Music Cruise-In (May 10 - 12) is already sold out at our hotel of choice. (I suspect that would be the case with other hotels for the number of rooms we need. Hopefully, we can ...
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  • EX 7 Place Selection

    These are the choices for an EX gathering in the spring of 2019. Please vote if you are interested in attending. (You do not have to commit to attending - just be interested!) Here is a blog about the gathering - ...
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  • When did you wise up and decide to quit?

    I'm interested in finding out when you took quitting to a new level.  When you made a serious attempt and commitment.  Not the passing "oh I should quit, it's New Years" or "I've run out of cigarettes before...
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  • Did your Mother Smoke while Pregnant

    I was shocked to come across this finding 'Nicotine crosses the placental barrier easily, and there is evidence for accumulation of nicotine in fetal serum and amnionic fluid in slightly higher concentrations than in ...
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  • Smokers in the air-ea

    Trying to determine how I should interact with smoking husband and friends. Have avoided social gatherings with lots of smokers since I’m only on day three. Have finally sat with husband outside a little tonight...
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